Skyward Family Access Log In: Please note: Emails from OPRF are sent to the first address listed for the first parent/guardian in each student's account. Be sure to check that your preferred address is listed first.

For assistance with your Family Access

(SNAP account access through Skyward Family Access now)

Family Online Access to Student Grades, Attendance and more.  

Believing that student success in school is fostered through strong partnerships and the sharing of information among parents/guardians, students and teachers, parent/guardians have been given access to teacher grade books for the classes in which their child is enrolled, as well as access to attendance and discipline information.  

Family Access to Grades is available starting in mid-September each school year. 


NOTE: There is a Family Access computer available for use in the Welcome Center/Room 105, immediately inside the main entrance, any time the Welcome Center front desk is open and staffed -- typically between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. most weekdays. Please bring students' signup and password information.

Teachers have been asked to update their grade books every two weeks. Also be reminded that not all classes have an equal amount of graded assignments. The number of grades in a grade book will vary depending on the academic division, time of the year and level of the class. As always if you have specific questions about a class please direct them to the teacher through a phone call or email. Your student's dean can address discipline questions. The Attendance Office can address attendance concerns (708-434-3104).

If you need login or password information or help signing on, please email You will be contacted as soon as possible, but thank you in advance for your patience, especially during busy periods. Please provide:

  • Your name and a telephone number you can be reached at, as well.
  • Please do NOT share this new password/login information with your students!

New features we intend to offer parents/guardians ONLY include:

  • Giving parents the option of choosing to receive electronic report cards as a .pdf file, viewable in Family Access;
  • Allowing parents to make changes in demographic information.  This would mean that phone numbers, emergency contacts, and e-mail addresses could be changed by parents and in a timely manner.  This would also mean the elimination of the printed “emergency form” obligation that exists at the beginning of each school year;
  • Implementing a “retrieve password via e-mail” feature;
  • Opening the health record information to parents and guardians, so changes and corrections can be made, as needed;
  • Allowing parents to set up their own emergency contact preferences for school-wide emergencies.  Parents can identify how they would like to be notified, including e-mail, text, or telephone.

Your students received their own separate password/login info 1st semester and will be receiving reminders again. They also may obtain the information from Please remember not to share your login information if they ask to see their grades. Thank you!