Remote Access for Mac


Installing Microsoft Remote Desktop

Using Remote Access

  • Open Microsoft Remote Desktop in your Applications folder.
  • Click New
  • In the "Connection name" field, type "OPRFHS"
  • In the "PC name" field, type "".
  • Leave the "Gateway" as "No gateway configured".
  • For "User name", type ‘OPRFAD\’ followed by your login (e.g.OPRFAD\jappleseed56)
  • Once completed, close the window by pressing the red circle in the upper left corner of the window.
  • Now to connect to Remote Access by double clicking on OPRFHS
  • If you are asked to verify the remote computer certificate:
    1. Click Show Certificate
    2. Check the box to "Always trust..."
    3. Click Continue
  • In the Remote Access window, accept the "OPRFHS Acceptable Use Policy" then continue logging in.

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