Online Enrollment - Part 3: Things to Keep In Mind

Please make sure that every field marked with an asterisk * is filled out.  Each field marked with an asterisk * is a required field.  At the end, you will be given a summary of all items you have filled out.  If all required fields are filled in, you will be able to click "Submit."  If there are any items that are required that have not been filled in, they will show up like the example below.  To correct any changes, click the word "Required" to go back to the missing form.  Once the field is corrected, click "Next" to continue.  This will return you to the the summary page.  

We highly encourage that you upload your residency documents before you submit your online enrollment. AFTER YOU CLICK "SUBMIT", THE INFORMATION WILL BE SENT AND FURTHER EDITS WILL NOT BE POSSIBLE. Once all corrections have been made and all documents have been uploaded, you MUST click "Submit" to save all information.

Additional steps are required after the online enrollment process.  In order for your student's enrollment to be considered completed, you must:

  1. Upload or submit in person the appropriate residency information. 

  2. Complete the Certificate of Child Health Examination (required for incoming freshman and ne/transfer students only) by June 30th.

  3. Pay any applicable registration fees.


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