OPRFHS Global Student Leadership Summit

Trip Summary

In the summer of 2015, the program of students and 4 teacher/chaperones, will travel for an 11 day experience from June 19-29, 2015.  The trip will travel to four European cities, Amsterdam, Paris, Davos and Geneva. The culmination of the trip will happen at the Global Leadership Summit in Switzerland, a two-day experience where students will meet individuals from around the world and other schools in creating a project. 

The Summit is an opportunity for students from OPRFHS and the world to connect.  We will hear from world-renowned keynote speakers, work with global experts, and collaborate with peers in small international teams.  We will be taught the design-thinking process, will develop solutions to some of the largest challenges we face, and be inspired to take action back home at Oak Park and River Forest High School.  

Trip Objective

The objective of the trip is to engage multiple racial perspectives by placing Oak Park and River Forest High School students at the center of the discourse about innovation as it relates to the future of education. Our students will have the opportunity to engage with local and global experts, in addition to collaborating with students from around the world in small teams to share, and develop solutions for the systemic inequalities marginalized communities confront educationally. 

If you have any comments or questions please contact: Mr. Tyrone Williams, (twilliams@oprfhs.org, 708.434.3555), Mr. Peter Hostrawser, (phostrawser@oprfhs.org, 708.434.3303) and Ms. Melinda Novotny, (mnovotny@oprfhs.org, 708.434.3392).