The District 200 and Oak Park and River Forest High School organizational and administrative structure provides:

  • Strong, effective leadership for the school, staff, and community;
  • Clear lines of responsibility, authority, and accountability;
  • Clear lines of communication for students, staff, parents and community;
  • Leadership for on-going initiatives;
  • Leadership for the development and implementation of new programs; 
  • Student and parent access and voice (see also Appeals Process link, operable soon);
  • Accountability for the achievement of  District goals.

Organization highlights include the following:

District Leadership Team (DLT) that includes a Principal; affirms the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction and Principal as the school’s instructional leaders; expands the assessment/research and researcher roles to ensure that data acquisition and analysis drive teaching and learning, and includes the Communications & Community Relations Coordinator.General responsibilities in each of these areas is assigned by the Superintendent. Contact information for each of these offices may be found in the directory to the right of this page.

Office of the Principal who, with the Assistant Principal for Student Services, the Assistant Principal for Student Health and Safety, the Assistant Principal for Student Activities and the Athletic Director, will blend various segments of school life:  academics, co-curriculars, pupil support services, and home together for the benefit of every student. It is also to be, along with the Superintendent, the face and voice of the school within the community.
Pupil Support Services (PSS) Team reorganization and collaboration with two leadership positions (Assistant Principals for Student Services and for Student Health and Safety), and with a team model for Counselors and Deans who provide “wrap around” services to students.  Creating explicit leadership expectations for collaboration on developing the whole child and implementing a model that utilizes prevention and intervention approaches.

A chart detailing the administrative structure is available by clicking here.