School Mascot
The Siberian Huskie
School Colors
Burnt Orange and Navy Blue 
Athletic Affiliation
West Suburban Conference, IllinoisHigh School Association
State of Illinois: North Central
Association of Colleges and Schools

School Spirit:

Strong school spirit is characterized by: widespread student participation in all school activities; good attendance at school functions by students, teachers, parents, and others; a sense of pride in accomplishments which motivates students, faculty, and staff to establish and meet expectations at the level of excellence; understanding and appreciation of the rich heritage of accomplishment established by former students and faculty members; broad acceptance of responsibility to maintain the reputation of the school and the physical appearance of the building and facilities; a pervasive sense of enjoyment among all school personnel; a respectful decorum in the classrooms and corridors; and a sense of "family" or "belonging" among all students, parents and employees.