Graduation Information- in case you forgot J

The 2016 Packet:

1)     RehearsAl Friday 5/27 10:30am:

a.       They should enter at the 109 doors at 10:30am

b.       They will go to their assigned counselor locations (posted in hall)

c.       Graduates will get their ticket envelopes at this time. DO NOT LOSE THE TICKETS. WE DO NOT HAVE EXTRA AND CANNOT REPLACE ANY TICKETS!!!!

d.       They will go through the line-up and procession, name pronunciation, etc.

e.       After rehearsal, there is a BBQ for FREE with a DJ and games until 2pm!


2)     Saturday 5/28 is WILL CALL 9am Box Office:

a.       Bring your WILL CALL ticket to the box office. Enter at the main entrance. You can get up to 2 stadium and 1 field house ticket while supplies last.

b.       Once all tickets run out, the rest of the line will be dismissed.


3)     Graduation Day:

a.      Notification of Indoor or Outdoor Commencement will be made at 10am

b.      The graduates should arrive at 1:30. Please be dressed in the appropriate attire

c.       Gates for spectators open at 2pm. You must have the correct ticket for entry (field house tickets won’t let you enter the stadium, etc).

    i.      The Special Needs Entrance to the Stadium is on Linden. You must have a Special Needs Ticket to sit in that section. No Stadium/FH ticket holders are allowed in the Special Needs Section.

 ii.      The Auditorium Entrance is the Main Entrance to the building

d.      Gates close at 3pm. No entry for anyone after 3pm, no exceptions

e.      Please make sure your graduate is planning to display respectful behavior during and after the ceremony. This includes no cigar/other tobacco use, no objects thrown in the air, etc.



Regina Topf

Director of Student Activities

  • (708) 434-3174

Melody Brown

Student Activities Secretary

  • (708) 434-3774