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The following are links to web sites that have been set up by OPRFHS Class Reunion committees.  If you are thinking about setting up a web page for your class, please use these as examples, and get in touch if you have any questions.  If you know of a site to be included on this list, please send an e-mail to : alumniassociation@oprfhs.org or give us a call at (708) 434-3281. 

The Alumni Association will try to keep this list up to date, however SOME LINKS MAY BE OUT OF DATE because the sites they refer to are no longer maintained. 

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Alumni Association FACEBOOK Page:  facebook.com/OPRFHSAlumniAssociation 
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NOTE: Many facebook pages are PUBLIC and are viewable by anyone with a facebook account.  Please use them as an additional source of information.  Some may be closed or private and you must submit a request to join the group in order to view the posts.

Alumni Association REUNION Networking Group:


Check HERE for lists of Class pages and other Alumni related groups:

Alumni Association NETWORKING Group (any non-reunion related news)

OPRFHS Home Page   oprfhs.org

Class of 2000 www.oprfhs2000reunion.blogspot.com/

Class of 1998  www.myspace.com/oprfclassof98

Class of 1994: www.oprfhs94.com

Class of 1992 somedaysoon.net/1992/

Class of 1991 http://oprf1991.blogspot.com/

Class of 1990 www.oprf90.com

Class of 1986  http://oprf1986.wordpress.com/

Class of 1985   www.oprf85.com

Class of 1983   www.oprf83.org (website has expired)

Class of 1980   www.oprfhs1980classreunion.myevent.com/

Class of 1978 -81  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/oprfhs81/

Class of 1979   www.oprf1979.com

Class of 1978   www.oprf78.com

Class of 1975   www.oprfclassof75.com

Class of 1974   http://oprf1974.webs.com/ (old website)

Class of 1972    http://www.oprf1972.net/

Class of 1971 Reunion   http://oprfhsclassof71reunion.myevent.com/  

Class of 1971  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/oprf71/

Class of 1970  www.oprfhs70.com/

Class of 1969   send an e-mail to: oprfclassof69@aol.com

Class of 1968   www.oakparkhigh.net/ 

'68 Reunion Blog www.oprfhs68.blogspot.com/

Class of 1967  https://oprfhsclassof67.wordpress.com/50-years-gone/

Class of 1966   www.classreport.org/usa/il/oak_park/oprfhs/1966/

Class of 1965  www.oakparkhighschool65.com

Class of 1964   www.classcreator.com/Oak-Park-Illinois-Oak-Park-River-Forest-1964/

Class of 1963   www.oprfclassof1963.com/

Class of 1962  www.oprfclassof1962.com/

Class of 1961   www.classcreator.com/Oak-Park-IL-Oak-Park-River-Forest-1961

Class of 1960   www.oakpark-riverforest60.com

Class of 1959   www.classcreator.com/Oak-Park-IL-Oak-Park-River-Forest-1959

Class of 1957  www.classreport.org/usa/il/oak_park/oprfhs/1957/

Class of 1955   http://classreport.org/usa/il/oak_park/oprfhs/1955/

Class of 1954   http://www.classreport.org/usa/il/oak_park/oprfhs/1954/

Class of 1953   http://astro.ocis.temple.edu/~ruby/oakpark/


last updated March 2016