Internship/Independent Study is an alternative program intended to meet the needs of those students who have demonstrated a high degree of academic maturity and who possess the aptitude to pursue coursework with greatly reduced student-teacher interaction. Students who apply for and are accepted for inclusion in this program are fully responsible for keeping the program of Internship/Independent Study going until its successful conclusion. In this program, students may pursue academic credit under the supervision of a teacher endorsed or certified in the subject area being studied and may complete credit requirements without attending regular class sessions. Internship/Independent Study provides opportunities for academic enrichment beyond that which is offered in the published curriculum or accessibility to course work that cannot be scheduled into the student’s daily schedule. A student may take only one Internship/Independent Study course per semester, and no more than four credits of Internship/Independent Study may apply toward graduation, unless approved by the Director of Assessment and Research. No course specifically required for graduation may be taken as an Internship/Independent Study, nor may specific state mandates be satisfied through Internship/Independent Study. Furthermore, students may not exceed identified course load limits during a given semester through the use of Internship/Independent Study without the approval of the Director of Assessment and Research. Any student interested in pursuing Internship/Independent Study should consult with the sponsoring subject matter teacher, the division head, and the counselor after securing parental approval. Division head, counselor, cooperating teacher, and parental approval are required to participate in this program. Final approval of the Director of Assessment and Research is required according to the procedures (see application overview).

Independent Study applications can be obtained in Room 372A or by clicking one of the following links:

Independent Study Fall Application (due date for 2016-17: May 15, 2016)                                   

Independent Study Spring Application (due date for 2015-16: October 15, 2015)

Independent Study Summer Application (due date for Summer 2016: May 30, 2016)