The Senior Instructional Leadership Corps (SILC) is designed to offer qualified seniors the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities associated with classroom instruction. Students in SILC will engage in leadership development through multipurpose mentor relationships with teachers and students. Mentored by a cooperating teacher, the SILC student will serve as a mentor to other students in the classroom, assist in appropriate curricular activities, and consult regularly with the cooperating teacher. SILC students earn one elective credit, evaluated on a pass-fail basis.

Students who wish to participate in SILC must register according to the following deadlines:

For the fall semester of senior year: priority deadline is March 15; final deadline is May 15.

For spring semester of senior year, the deadline is October 15

The application and a program overview are available by clicking the following link :

SILC Application and Overview (2015-16)

For more information, please contact the Office of Assessment & Research at 708.434.3573 or Ms. Naomi Hildner, SILC Coordinator at 708.434.3440.