Test Preparation Courses

The school contracts with test preparation companies to provide evening and Saturday classes for juniors and seniors who are interested in becoming better prepared for the PSAT, ACT, PSAE, or SAT.  Letters are sent to the homes of juniors and seniors notifying them of test prep opportunities.  Information about test prep programs also appears in the student bulletin and in the parent newsletter.  There is a tuition charge (which varies according to program) for these classes, and need-based financial aid may be available.  Please contact the Director of Assessment and Research or your student's counselor if you have questions about test preparation.  


ExcelEdge - www.exceledgeinc.com

  • PSAT 240 Prep Course (September-October): For more information regarding the 2014 PSAT 240 Prep Course, please click here.
  • ACT 36 Prep Course (January - March): More information regarding the 2014-15 ACT 36 Prep Course will be forthcoming

RevolutionPrep - www.revolutionprep.com

  • ACT/SAT Prep Course
    • Seniors only (September - November)
    • Juniors only (March - May): For more information regarding the Revolution Prep Courses for 2014-15, will be forthcoming

Kaplan - www.kaptest.com/college

  • Kaplan 2014-15 Spring ACT Test Prep Course (January - April). For more information regarding the Kaplan Test Prep Course will be forthcoming.


  • Naviance (see Counselor's secretary for more information)
  • Online ACT Prep Program (see Ms. Evans, Room 372A for more information)