2013-2014 Board Goals 

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1.  Racial Equity
Identify and eliminate systemic inhibitors to academic success for students of color, including but not limited to those which discourage students from attempting higher level courses or penalize students for pursuing high levels of academic achievement.
b. Show evidence of any change in racial predictability in recent years.

2. Student Engagement and Achievement
a. Increase student achievement and engagement through quality classroom instruction and other enhanced learning opportunities.
b. Use best practices to provide that each section of the same course is structurally consistent in providing the same challenging curriculum and rigorous teaching expectations in every section of the same course.
c. Partner actively with families of students in academic and extra-curricular activities with the goal of providing a more comprehensive and coordinated system to support student achievement.

3. Learning Environment and School Culture
a. Manage resources to provide a safe, effective and efficient learning environment that encourages students to stay on campus and to participate in activities that promote student engagement before, during and after school.
b. Expand efforts to engage students in extra-curricular/athletic activities while encouraging such teams and activities to welcome students from under represented demographics.

4. Finance and Operations
Develop a compensation philosophy for all District employees.

b. Establish a system of performance based evaluations and compensation for administrators consistent with the District’s compensation philosophy.
c. Conduct a review of existing programs and initiatives to focus resources on those that are cost effective and achieve important goals.

d. Determine through the Finance Advisory Committee and Board deliberations whether adjustments are needed to the District’s fund balance and if so, the most beneficial means to achieve such adjustments.

5. Governance
a. Define the Board’s role, focus the Board on its agreed responsibilities and review, revise and document Board processes and procedures.

b. Complete strategic planning with community, faculty, administration and Board input in order to set a long term, five-year vision for the District and annual sub-goals designed to execute the plan’s overall vision.