2014-2015 Board Goals* 

To download a PDF of the goals, please click here.

This year, the Board of Education has chosen annual goals drawn directly from the District’s strategic plan. The plan, which is in its first year of implementation, comprises six broad goal areas (see below), with three or four action steps in each area. The Board of Education’s annual goals are the same as seven of these action steps and represent each goal area.

The theme that unifies these goals provides the very foundation of the strategic plan: relationships. Each goal steers the District in the direction of building relationships in every area, because it is only by working in relationship with our students, staff, faculty, administration, parents, and community that the District will achieve the mission for Oak Park and River Forest High School: To provide a dynamic, supportive learning environment that cultivates knowledge, skills, and character and strives for equity and excellence for all students.

Holistic Community Education
Foster effective communication and trusting relationships between and among the staff and families, as well as other stakeholders of the schools and communities.

Create a school community where all students feel welcome and experience a sense of belonging.

Supportive Learning Environment

  • Promote a learning environment where every student feels known and supported by at least one adult in the school community.
  • Establish fair and just processes and practices that set clear, meaningful expectations to create a safe environment while recognizing the humanity of all students and adults.

Transformational Teaching and Learning
Provide social-emotional and academic supports so that each student experiences academic challenge and success.

Transformational Leadership
Ensure an engaged, collaborative, trusting adult community characterized by shared leadership and open communication.

Facilities and Finances
Allocate resources to support the implementation of the strategic plan.


*Corrected on July 29, 2014