Enrollment Projections

In years past, the District based enrollment projection models on birth rates. What we found, however, was that by year four or five of the model, the projections were significantly off. So in 2011, the District commissioned an enrollment projection study from consultant Ehlers & Associates. Ehlers studied the Oak Park and River Forest community using a combination of statistical and analytic data. This included enrollment data from feeder Districts 90 and 97, live birth information from the Illinois Department of Public Health, recent birth trends, housing construction and turnover, and the District’s historic student-retention ratios. The Ehlers report found that while enrollment at Oak Park and River Forest High School had been very stable for the past decade, it was beginning to increase. 

The District commissioned a revised report from Ehlers, which it received in January 2014. Significant annual increases in the number of students are projected through the 2021-2022 school year. Increased enrollment has significant financial implications, because the District does not receive any increase in tax revenue for additional students. Growth in our student population will require additional certified teachers and support staff; reconfiguration of classrooms; and additional technology, equipment, and furniture.

Click here to download a copy of the full Ehlers report.

Enrollment Projections through 2024