Campus Safety

Mission Statement

Oak Park and River Forest High School is committed to creating a safe, secure, and caring learning environment; consequently, the school works closely with the local police and fire departments, government leaders, social service networks, parents and students.

School Emergency and Crisis Plans

The purpose of this plan is to identify and clarify emergency roles and responsibilities for Oak Park and River Forest High School and its staff. It further prescribes procedures and coordination structures for Prevention/Mitigation, Preparedness, Response, and Recovery efforts at the district and school levels. The ultimate objective is to minimize the negative consequences of any incident upon the school district and its staff, students, and parents. Additionally, Oak Park and River Forest High School, in collaboration with emergency partners, will develop specific district-wide Emergency Operating Procedures which will apply to all school staff. The EOPs will follow the Multi-Hazard School Emergency and Crisis Plans. The school building will have additional details in the emergency and crisis plans that explain how the Emergency Operating Procedures will be implemented in their building.

This plan provides the following: a basic Multi- Hazard School Emergency and Crisis Plans, recommended emergency response teams forms, a site-specific hazard vulnerability analysis and list of vulnerabilities, a list of staff roles and responsibilities, a list of training requirements, and exercise procedures based on the four phases of emergency management.

The procedures outlined in this plan will apply to all staff, especially those who are assigned roles and responsibilities in case of an incident. They also apply to any actions and activities that support the school’s effort to save lives, protect the health and safety of staff, students, and visitors, and protect property.