Health update on Legionella bacteria

November 9, 2012

This letter was sent from Superintendent Dr. Steven Isoye to all parents, faculty, and staff this morning.

Dear OPRF High School Parents/Guardians and Staff,

Recently I notified you that our voluntary, proactive program of water-quality testing throughout the building had detected trace amounts of Legionella bacteria in a shower head in both the freshman boys’ and freshman girls’ locker rooms. These showers were isolated and closed while we disinfected and retested them. We have received the results, which show no further traces of Legionella. These showers have been reopened for use.

We will continue to randomly test water sources throughout the building and follow the standard recommendations for disinfection as needed. This new, voluntary protocol was established six months ago, and is based on Occupational Safety and Health Administration guidelines and draft standards from the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioning Engineers. As always, we will work in consultation with the Oak Park and Illinois Departments of Health should any health concerns arise. We are confident that these best practices will help us maintain a healthful and safe environment for everyone who comes to our building.


Dr. Steven Isoye