Information regarding campus safety

February 15, 2018

Good morning, OPRF Families, Staff, and Students,

As we mourn the victims of yesterday’s senseless and tragic school shootings in Broward County, Fla., many of you are asking what we do to ensure the safety of the young people and adults in our building. We have in place a number of protocols that include:

  • The school resource officer (SRO). A member of the Oak Park Police Department is posted on site every day during school hours.

  • Emergency response plans. These are posted in every classroom and office and include the response procedures for emergencies, including hard and soft lockdowns, bomb threats, building evacuation, off-campus evacuation, etc.

  • Hard lockdown drills. If there were an active shooter on campus, the building would immediately go on hard lockdown, with all movement throughout the building ceasing and everyone remaining in place in locked classrooms and workspaces. We hold hard lockdown drills annually, including one at the beginning of this school year.

  • Closed and locked classroom doors. All classrooms have doors that shut automatically. The doors are locked by default, and teachers are asked to keep them locked during class periods.

  • Secure entrances. In the morning, students are permitted to enter the building only at three designated entrances, which are monitored by security staff. All other entrances are locked and require a swipe card for entrance.

  • Secure Welcome Center. In order to enter our building during school hours, visitors must check in to the security desk at the main entrance, and present ID that’s run through an electronic database. Once a visitor is cleared, staff buzz them into the main lobby.

  • Emergency backpacks. Every classroom and office is equipped with a red backpack containing 21 emergency supplies, including a first aid kit, flashlight, water and food bars, and toilet paper.

  • Pupil Support Services (PSS). Every student has a PSS, which includes their counselor and a dean of students and social worker. PSS staff check in regularly with troubled students, as well as monitor and review feedback regarding social media.

Please know that in the event of an emergency, we are keenly aware of the worry and anxiety families are experiencing, and we will provide information as swiftly as possible, via robocall, email, and information on our website (, Facebook page (oprfhuskies), and Twitter (@oprfhuskies).

Thank you for your support of the school and our work to provide our students with an excellent education in a safe and secure environment.


Nathaniel Rouse