Letter regarding lead testing results

January 23, 2018

Dear OPRF Families:

This year, the Illinois General Assembly passed a law that mandates lead testing in school buildings that were constructed before 2000 and are occupied by pre-kindergarten through fifth-grade students. The high school falls into this category because of our onsite daycare. The new legislation requires school districts to provide notice of the school building test results to parents. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), action must be taken to minimize exposure to lead if lead concentrations exceed 15.0 parts per billion (ppb) (more information). The district, however, is following the more stringent guideline from the Illinois Department of Public Health and taking action on any results showing lead levels of 5.0 ppb or higher.

The district’s environmental consultant collected and tested water samples from 148 water sources at the high school on Jan. 3 and 4, 2018. Fifteen sources contained lead exceeding 5.0 ppb on the first draw of water. While samples on a second draw of water from the same sources showed that lead levels did drop, in some cases to non-detectable levels, the district is taking action based on the results from the first draw. These sources are identified on the chart found by clicking here.

The district has shut off the affected water sources and is in the process of replacing their fixtures, supply lines, and shut-off valves. After this work has been completed the district’s environmental consultant will retest these sources that did not pass from the first draw. Additional information about lead in drinking water and measures to reduce the lead can be found at the Centers for Disease Control website and EPA website.

A copy of the District’s complete testing results is posted here. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact the department of buildings and grounds at 708-434-3698.


Greg Johnson
Assistant Superintendent