Math students take top awards at ICTM Regional Math Competition

March 6, 2015

Congratulations to the students below on their winning performances at the ICTM Regional Math Competition. All 1st place winners automatically qualified for the state competition. 

  • 1st place – Oral competition: Presentation by Arjun Rawal (junior) & Assisted by Sanjeev VenKatesan (sophomore)
  • 1st place – Freshman/Sophomore two-person: Sanjeeva VenKatesan and Alex Schoeny
  • 1st place – Junior Individual:  Noah Banholzer
  • 1st place – Junior Team:  OPRF Team – Noah Banholzer, Sarah Kreider, Ethan Mertz, Lauren Pritz, Arjun Rawal and Grayson Uhlir
  • 2nd Place – Junior Individual: Arjun Rawal
  • 2nd place – Geometry Team: OPRF Team – Anishka Bandara, Kevin Farrell, Conor Johnson, Alex Schoeny, Ava Trogus, Sanjeev VenKatesan
  • 2nd place – Junior/Senior eight-person team: Noah Banholzer, Sarah Kreider, Ethan Mertz, Arjun Rawal, Elliot Brunk, Kate Donlon, James Harren, and Fiona Ryan
  • 3rd place – Freshman Individual: Jonathan Banks
  • 3rd Place – Senior Individual: James Harren