Proposed changes to parking around the high school

November 21, 2015

On Monday, Nov. 23, at 7:00 p.m. at Village Hall, the Village of Oak Park’s Transportation Commission will hold a public meeting to consider possible changes to the current parking plan agreement between the village and the high school. The current plan includes the parking garage, Pilgrim lot, permitted on-street parking for faculty/staff and students, and restricted parking. The proposed amendment details parking around the high school when the garage is removed for the new pool site.

Click here to see the complete 235-page packet for the meeting, which the village has posted on its website. Key parts of the packet are as follows:

Overview of the boundaries for OPRF parking, page 31
The boundaries for designated high school parking are Chicago Avenue, Ridgeland Avenue, South Boulevard, and Oak Park Avenue. As you can see on the map, blocks outside this area already are used by other entities, such as Beye School, Fenwick, and the central business district.

Map with proposed parking plan, page 30

Faculty/staff parking:

  • The green lines, both solid and dashed, indicate faculty/staff parking. This includes the currently allowed parking on Linden and Erie, as well as roughly two dozen east-west blocks.

  • The bluish-purple rectangles are additional fac/staff parking. In consideration of our neighbors, the village is recommending 10 fac/staff cars be permitted on a block, with five allowed at the northwest end of the block and the other five at the southeast end.

  • The high school would continue to use the Pilgrim lot.

Visitor parking:

  • The orange sections on Scoville and Erie would be one- or two-hour visitor parking.

  • The heavy red-dashed lines are additional visitor parking. However, these sections would be no-parking zones from 7-9 a.m. and 2-4 p.m.

Student parking: The red dashed-dotted lines, located roughly from in front of the stadium on Lake to south of the tracks on South Boulevard.

Parking study conducted during major events at OPRF, page 201-206
This section details the results of a study conducted for the village by parking consultant firm Carl Walker. Since spring 2015, the consultant studied parking usage around the high school during graduation, a home football game, the farmers market, and open house.