Recap of 2016 Summer Enrichment Grant Students and Programs

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Each year, through the generosity of its alumni, the Alumni Association awards Summer Enrichment Grants to current OPRFHS students to help them participate in exciting academic programs over the summer.  On Monday evening, October 24  we hosted our annual Dessert Reception for the 2016 SEG students and their families.  It is always a wonderful experience and we enjoy having the opportunity to meet the students and hear about their adventures and what they learned over the summer.  They studied dance, drama, musical theater, foreign languages and much more.  Many of them had their first experience living on a college campus.  Others on foreign travel programs had the experience of living with a host family. The students learn so much from these experiences and we feel lucky to have played a part.  We've posted some pictures at

For the summer of 2016, a total of  $53,250 was distributed to these programs on behalf of these 51 students.  Since our first awards in 2003, more than $299,000 has been distributed on behalf of 373 students.  
Application information for 2017 SEGS will be available by December 1 and a link will be provided at that time.


Henry - Chicago Children's Choir Tour to Cuba
Paul - CIEE Summer Lang/Culture Rennes, France
Gianna - CIEE Summer Lang/Culture Seville, Spain
Sophia - CIEE Summer Lang/Culture Toulouse, France
Emily - CIEE Summer Lang/Culture, Toulose, France
Charlie - CIEE: Education as Human Right, Capetown
Declan - Columbia College Summer Video Production
Ari - Illinois Wesleyan Summer Music Composition Inst.
Zacchaeus - Kendall College Culinary Camp
Kayla -.Living the Language Spanish immersion
Charles - Michigan Math & Science Scholars
Sharmore - Whale Camp at the Bay of Fundy Institute in Maine
Tatum - Whale Camp at the Bay of Fundy Institute in Maine 
Julia - SAIC Early College Prop/Figure Painting
Raiven - Universal Dance Association Camp
Mira - YFU Discover Japan
Irwin - Youth for Understanding Japan

OPRFHS Exchange to Japan (11 students)
Kiara B.
Corrie H.
Asha I.
Liam K.
Ben M.
Jacob M.
Ryan M.
Liam P.
Alejandra S.
Jordan T.
Mia W.

OPRFHS Centro Mundo Spain (5 students)
Olivia B.
Legacy G.
Skylar J.
Teresa M.
Meredith N.

OPRFHS Tropical Ecology – Costa Rica (13 students)
Matthew A.
Margaret A.
Alice A.
Jacqueline A.
Jacob D.
Kelsey L.
Jose Gabriel M.
Ella N.
Annalise P.
Kenya R.
Jenna S.
Fallon T.
Jovan W.

PING! Huskie Marching Band Camp (5 students)

Information on the OPRFHS sponsored programs is available at these links: