Statement regarding student protest

February 21, 2018

Today we were alerted that OPRF students are planning to walk out of the building as part of a grassroots, nationwide, student-led effort to end gun violence. After learning of the plans, Principal Nathaniel Rouse sent all faculty and staff an email noting that Board policies 2:105, 5:125, and 5:240 preclude all District employees from supporting or promoting the student effort. He went on to add, “That said, our goal is not to stop students from walking out. They have a right to peacefully protest. Our goal is to ensure that they are kept safe in the process.”

Faculty and staff have been instructed to allow students to exit peacefully if they chose to join the protest. Administrators and security staff will be monitoring the hallways, exits, and the outside of the campus to ensure that students remain safe and orderly.