Student entrances changed due to student feedback

February 8, 2013

Earlier this week, families received a mailed letter from Principal Nate Rouse, detailing new building security measures that go into effect on Monday, February 11. (To see the letter, click here.)

We have an update to the information originally shared in Mr. Rouse's letter: Entrance doors have changed due to student feedback. Student Council President Steven Piper and Board Representative Lauren Richardson took a poll on Facebook. As a result, the Erie Street Entrance (by the daycare, on the north end of the building) will be the third student entrance to the building. Of the students who voted, 90% chose the Erie Street Entrance over the Driver’s Ed Entrance. A special thank you to Student Council and to those students who voted.

To recap, in order to access the building beginning Monday, February 11, students have three options:

  • Main Entrance on Scoville Avenue--for all students; those without ID must enter here
  • South Mall Entrance--only for students with ID
  • Erie Street Entrance (north end of the building)--only for students with ID