Credit Hours:    One semester - 1 credit

Instructors:        Mr. O'Lonergan, Mr. Kleinfeldt, Mr. Brown, Mr. Montagno, Ms. Roth, Mr. Splan, Mr. Young

Materials:         "Drive Right"  textbook and workbook.

Course Description

This course is based on an integrated curriculum of classroom theory, simulation activities, and actual "behind-the-wheel" experience.

General Information

All students must pass tests on rules of the road, signs, and vision before qualifying for instruction. Thirty hours of classroom instruction is a graduation requirement for all students.

Class Requirements

Class participation is extremely important. The State of Illinois mandates that all absences must be made up. The makeup work must be turned in within one week of their occurrence or grade reductions will occur. Makeup work not turned in by the end of the NINE WEEKS results in a failure.

All homework must be turned in on time, clearly written or printed. Grade reduction will occur for late work. Four late or missing homework assignments may result in a semester failure.

All missed tests must be made up before school the day you get back, or other arrangements must be made with your teacher.

Lab Requirements

Only excused or legitimate absences In-Car can be made-up.  Switches to other days for makeup must be okayed by classroom teacher.  Two or more absences will disqualify student from taking State Road Test at school.  Three NO drives may result in a failure for lab.  Four NO drives for any reason will result in NO credit and failure in Lab.  Students will not be allowed to drive without a permit or glasses when glasses are required.

Student?s Responsibility

Each student is expected to bring their textbook, workbook, and a pen or pencil to class each and every day as required. Students are expected to behave as young adults and respect the rights and property of fellow classmates.


Note: The school?s attendance policy will be followed.

Unexcused Absence

Four (4) Unexcused absences from class during a semester will result in the student receiving an "N" grade and being dropped from the class.


Four (4) accumulated tardies will equal 1 unexcused absence.
Two (2) Gross Tardies ? will equal one (1) Unexcused absence.
A Gross Tardy is defined as being tardy 10 minutes late or more.

Countable Absences

Twelve (12) absences (excused or unexcused) may result in the student receiving an "N" grade, (excluding field trips, religious trips, ISS or OSS). Nine Countable Absences (excused or unexcused) may result in loss of getting certified by the State Board of Education in order to get a license.


The grading scale below will be used for tests and workbooks.

A = 93-100
B = 85-92
C = 78-84
D = 70-77
F = 69 and below

Students will receive points for attendance, class participation, and completion of homework and in-class assignments.


Attitude and maturity are a vital part of safe responsible driving and in of itself may disqualify someone from getting a blue card, if the instructors deem this area lacking sufficient demonstrable behavior.