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cqresearcher lengthy single-topic reports on contemporary political and social issues primarily in the U.S.; published by Congressional Quarterly (select the PDF version for printing)

articles covering psychiatry, mental health, medical ethics, mental processes, and child and adolescent psychology. Some journals have a full-text delay of twelve months (click on “full-text” for best results)

globalissues current news on social, political, and environmental global events and issues, such as war, genocide, terrorism, and global warming
literary criticism, author overviews, and work overviews from the Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism series
opposingViewpoints viewpoint essays, magazine and newspaper articles, websites, statistics, and primary source documents on current and often controversial social subjects
science-in-context-button topic overviews and articles from reference books and journals on biology, chemistry, earth sciences, health and medicine, math, and physics
student_resources_in_context general topic pages on history, literature, science, and social issues; coverage from hundreds of magazines and newspapers updated daily; video and audio clips from archival sources to current NPR programs
uhic_logo significant people, events, and topics in U.S. history from pre-Colonial times to the present; includes reference articles, primary source documents, journal and magazine articles, and more
history_world_in_context significant people, events, and topics in World History from antiquity to the present; includes reference articles, journal articles, primary source documents, and video and audio clips from old newsreels to current times
popular reference eBooks that can be searched individually, by subject grouping, or as a complete collection
jstor peer-reviewed articles from over 1,500 scholarly journals in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences; no current articles (select "View PDF" then "Accept JSTOR's Terms" for printing)
afamstudies articles on African American history and culture, including images, maps, charts, tables, and primary source documents
artonline images plus articles and biographies covering artists, their works, and other aspects of the arts
oedlb200 the meaning, history, and pronunciation of over 600,000 words in the English language from 1150 A.D. to the present
Oxford_Music_Online articles on composers, performers, conductors, instruments and notation, forms and genres, and individual works
projectmuse current peer-reviewed humanities and social sciences articles from over 500 scholarly journals