Math Summer Enrichment Programs

  • S200 – Pre-Algebra

    • Designed for students who tested into Pre-algebra.  This course will allow students to be enrolled in algebra as a freshmen.

  • S201 – Pre-Plane Geometry A

    • Designed for students recommended for Algebra who wish to move to Plane Geometry 1-2A. this course is pass/fail. 

  • S202 – Pre-Advanced Algebra 8

    • Designed for students who are currently taking algebra in 8th grade and tested into Plane Geometry A.  This course will allow students to be enrolled in Advanced Algebra A as a freshmen.

  • S2231 & S2232 – Plane Geometry 1-2

    • Designed for students between their freshmen and sophomore years.  This course will allow students who performed at an above average level in algebra to take Plane Geometry over the summer and enroll in Intermediate Algebra A as a sophomore, qualifying for AP Calculus as a senior.

  • S2152 – Advanced Algebra 2A

    • Designed for students who are either:

- Have  been recommended by their geometry teacher to take Advanced Algebra 2A over the summer, with the intent to "bump-up" to college Algebra/Trig as a junior and Calculus as a senior.  This course does receive a 50% tuition scholarship for all recommended students receiving an A or B in the course; OR

- Have been recommended to Advanced Algebra A as freshmen, have already completed Advanced Algebra in 8th grade, and wish to move to Geometry A.  This course is pass/fail and does not receive scholarship for incoming freshman. 


For more information regarding Summer Enrichment Experiences, please contact Mathematics Division Head-- Julie Frey, (708) 434-3748).