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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Since we are working to be responsive to the needs of our students and create a safe and positive learning environment, the changes to supervisory were made to address various concerns that we believe are interfering with our ability to provide guidance and support to our students throughout the day. Recognizing that everyone plays a role in contributing to a positive school climate that ultimately supports student achievement, we plan to solicit feedback from the staff regarding the changes and share updates as the year progresses.




Q: What were the supervisory options for teachers?

A: Hallway Supervision, Tutoring Center, Study Hall


Q: How were supervisories chosen for 1st semester?

A:  In determining the supervisory assignments, the following was considered:

  • Overall needs of the building
  • Departmental representation in the Tutoring Center
  • School-wide structural changes (MCC)
  • Attendance/tardy concerns
  • Utilizing study halls to support students academically


Q: If I do not like my supervisory, can it be changed?

A: Supervisories were created to address the needs that we have as a school in supporting our students. We are discouraging changes at this time unless there was a contractual oversight or breach.


Q: I did not sign up for a supervisory, why was I placed into one?

A: Teachers were asked to sign-up within a particular time frame at the end of last school year. We have many more needs than we do teachers and since supervisories are a professional obligation for our teachers, all teachers meeting the qualifications, as outlined by the teacher contract, were given a supervisory.




Q: Why are we requiring passes for students now?

A: The school has had passes in place prior to this year but the usage of passes has varied. With students as our priority, we need to ensure that the school is a safe space for them and is an environment that supports and promotes the importance of learning. Attendance and tardies are a huge problem within the building. To address our attendance problems and to better ensure that we are accountable for student safety, we are continuing our efforts to normalize the use of passes.


Q: Writing passes will take away from the way I run my class. Can I laminate a pass?

A: To ensure that students have a purpose for leaving the classroom or other designated areas, other than passing periods, students will need to have a pass written for them every time they are released from an area. Laminated passes will not be allowed. Additionally, the use of other items as passes will not be permitted.


Q: There are two different passes, which passes should I keep readily available in my classroom?

A: You will need to have blue hall passes and study hall passes readily available in your classroom.


Q: If I do not supervise a study hall, why do I need to have study hall passes?

A: There might be times when a student has a study hall during a teacher’s planning or lunch period. In this case, a student might ask to receive additional support from teachers during this time. In order to verify the availability of the teacher, teachers will be asked to fill out a study hall pass for a student, prior to the study hall time, giving the student permission to receive help during that time. The pre-signed study hall pass verifies for the study hall supervisor that the teacher is available and has agreed to use that time to support the student.


Q: If I run out of passes, where can I obtain more?

A: Each division secretary will have passes to distribute to department members. Passes can also be received from Ms. Linda Spain in 225.


Q: If a student needs to see a member of Student Services, should I write them a pass?

A: Members of student services will send a “call slip” for students they need to see. If a student wants to visit a member of Student Services during Study Hall, they should obtain a pre-signed study hall pass in order to go during the study hall. This will indicate the staff member’s availability during the time.


Q: If a student does not have a pass, what will happen?

A: Students without a pass will be directed back to the location they last visited to obtain one.




Q: Why do students need to report directly to study hall before going to a different location for support?

A: Since we are responsible for knowing where our students are and helping them identify supports, we think it is important for students to touch base with the study hall supervisor before going to other locations. Study hall supervisors will have an opportunity to input accurate attendance and to discuss with students possible options to obtain the support they are requesting. Since study halls are considered an academic support area, students should know and feel that study halls are spaces for them to complete academic work and they are scheduled for this purpose.


Q: Why do I need to wait 10 minutes before allowing students to go to a different location?

A: Because a student receives an Unauthorized Absence ten minutes after the bell, we believe 10 minutes is ample time for study hall supervisors to take attendance, check in with students regarding their needs and complete passes to go to other locations, if needed. This will also allow us to clear the halls after the bell rings before releasing students to other areas.


Q: If a student goes to a different location after checking into study hall, do I still need to take attendance?

A: Absolutely. The Study Hall teacher is responsible for taking attendance for every student, whether they remain in the study hall or receive support in a different location. Because of some minor technology delays, we are currently finalizing instructions for teachers to verify student attendance in other locations during the study hall period. Regardless, the study hall teacher is responsible for taking attendance.


Q: If a student asks to go to see a dean of students, counselor or teacher during study hall, can I write them a pass?

A: In order for a student to see a dean of students, counselor or teacher during the study hall time, students must have a “pre-signed” study hall pass from the dean of students, counselor or teacher. In order to verify the availability of the dean, counselor or teacher, our deans of students, counselors and teachers will be asked to fill out a study hall pass for a student, prior to the study hall time. The student will present the completed and signed pass to the study hall supervisor in order to leave.


Q: How can a study hall teacher verify that a student went to the location they were sent?

A: In locations with scanners, such as the Library, Huskie Hub, Tutoring Center, Student Activity Center, and Student Services, teachers will be asked to check Skyward to verify that the student scanned into the area. Since we cannot place scanners in every teacher’s classroom, we are suggesting that you make a call or send the teacher an email to confirm attendance. The pre-signed study hall pass indicates teacher availability but to ensure that the student attended, an extra step (call or email) is needed.


Q: I would like a special study hall created for a group of students. Can I do this?

A: Every student with available space in their schedule will be assigned a study hall. With the exception of approved academic programs, we are not creating additional study halls. Clubs and other groups will need to find time before or after school to convene. It is our priority to provide spaces for students during the day that allows them to acquire additional academic support and/or complete course-specific work. 




Q: Why do teachers have to go to the Tutoring Center to tutor?

A: In an effort to provide tutoring across the content areas and to create a central location for this to take place, tutors are asked to tutor in the Tutoring Center located in 2nd Floor West Library. The staff and students will receive a schedule of teacher availability throughout the day.


Q: What are the hours of the Tutoring Center?

A: The Tutoring Center will be in operation from 7a.m. to 5p.m. Monday thru Thursdays, and until 4:30 p.m. on Fridays.


Q: Where is the Tutoring Center located and why did the location change?

A: The Tutoring Center is now located in the 2nd Floor West Library.  This location was chosen as we learned from last year the need for additional tutoring space and resources for students.  It is a function of our new Academic Learning Program. 


Q: If a student needs support in an academic area and a teacher whose expertise in the area is not available during the time the student is available, what do you recommend?

A:  Besides before school and after school, we will have two or more academic areas represented in the Tutoring Center. We recommend that students and staff consult the schedule that will be provided but we also recommend that students stop by the Tutoring Center to talk with the monitor. There are times when the needs of a student do not require a lot of content knowledge and any teacher assigned to the center can provide assistance. The monitor will help students match the need they have with the appropriate staff member for support.


Q: Are student tutors available for students?

A: Yes. We have OPRFHS students who have signed up and are scheduled as peer tutors. Peer tutoring is a great way for students to contribute to the learning of others.


Q: If a student wants to go to the Library (for reading and/or researching purposes only) or to the Tutoring Center during lunch, can they go?

A: Yes. There will be a designated member of the Safety and Support Team (SST) outside of the lunch room that will provide students with passes to these areas during the lunch periods.


Q: When a student attends the Tutoring Center to fulfill athletic study table obligations, do they have to receive help in the area(s) in which they most need support in order for a supervisor to sign the study table form?

A: Ideally, students will attend the Tutoring Center to receive help in the area(s) that placed them on study table, but we recognize that there will be times when the work for the subject is already completed and/or the student needs to complete other work. We recommend that supervisors guide students to work on areas where the greatest need exists. If a student attends study table and utilizes the time to complete academic work, the form should be signed.


Q: Where can I access the schedule for the Tutoring Center?

A: The schedule for the Tutoring Center, and schedule updates, has been emailed to the entire staff. You can also get a copy of the schedule from Mr. Melichar at jmelichar@oprfhs.org or Ms. Linda Spain at lspain@oprfhs.org.  




Q: If a student is in the hallway after the bell without a pass, what should I say to them?

A: Politely ask the student if they have a pass and ID. If the student presents both, encourage them to promptly proceed to the location. If a student does not have a pass, ask them where they need to go and politely direct them back to the location they came from to get a pass. If a student does not have an ID and does not have a pass, please alert the nearest SST member if one is available. If an SST member is not available, direct the student to the Attendance Office or to an SST member to obtain a pass to ensure entrance into their class.

Q: What should I do if a student refuses to follow my directions?

A: If a student doesn’t have an ID and refuses to provide you with information and an SST member is not present, record a description of the student, including their clothing, and email the information to the deans or report it to the Student Services secretary at the end of the period. Refrain from following or chasing the student and remain at your location. Your description of the student and the aid of the video camera system will help to locate the student. You can also email information to deans@oprfhs.org with a clear explanation of the events that took place.


Q: Can a student come to my classroom during their lunch period to receive academic support?

A: Yes. The study hall passes have been updated to say Study Hall/Lunch pass to allow for this. Please provide the student will a pre-signed Study Hall/Lunch pass to attend your room during the period. Students will not be permitted to bring food outside of the cafeteria.

Q: What are options for students during lunch?

  • Studio Gallery for quiet study
  • Little Theatre for quiet study
  • Tutoring Center
  • Huskie Hub
  • Library

OPRF crest                    Oak Park and River Forest High School

                                                   STUDY HALL/LUNCH PASS                                           Date_______________


Student Name __________________________________                       ID#________________

Study Hall Staff Signature: __________________________       Phone Ext._________________


Tutoring Center



Q: Can a student visit their counselor or dean of students during their lunch period?

A: Unless, a student has a call slip or pre-signed pass, students are not permitted to visit a counselor or dean of students during the lunch periods. Many of the deans are assigned to the lunch rooms to support students and are not accessible. A call slip or pre-signed pass will better ensure that they are available.