The State of Illinois requires each student to participate in daily physical education as part of the regular school curriculum. The District requires that each student successfully complete seven semesters of Physical Education.

The OPRFHS Physical Education program recommends that all students participate in the following activities in order to experience a well-balanced program:

  • Adventure Education
  • Aquatics
  • Intro to Movement
  • Fitness
  • Step Back/Self Defense
  • Team Sport
  • Racket Sport

Training Freshman and Sophomore students will have a core curriculum selected for them during the first two years. In most cases, Freshman will meet the Aquatics, Intro To Movement, Fitness and Step Back/Self Defense within the first year. Sophomores should satisfy the second Aquatics and Adventure Education requirement within the second year. Generally, Juniors and Seniors have the option of selecting courses during the final two years. Please note that students may not always be placed in their first choice of activity.