Community Scholarships

19th Century Charitable Association Founders Memorial Scholarship
  • $1250: Renewable 4 years, 4 scholarships: Academic achievement 3.2 or above GPA; financial need.
  • Essay: 300-350 words. Describe a situation in which you showed leadership or personal courage; requires TWO letters of recommendation and an interview- interview dates April 5th and April 6th-you must be available one of these dates during the school day at OPRFHS.

Bekermeier Scholarship
  • $1000: 2.0+ GPA, varsity track or basketball participant, financial need, attending college in Illinois

Beverly Memorial Scholarship
  • $1000: Pursuing biological sciences, AP Biology student

Michael A. Campbell Scholarship
  • $1000: Renewable 4 years, 2 scholarships: Academic achievement and financial need

Richard Daniel Orchestra Scholarship
  • $1000: Must be a member of the OPRFHS Orchestra and play a string instrument; financial need; planning to major or minor in music or a related field.

Class of 1983 Scholarship
  • $1000: Financial need

Josh Davis Memorial Scholarship
  • $2000: 3.0+ GPA, love of the environment, plans to pursue environmental studies or related field, financial need
  • Essay: 300-350 words. Describe your commitment to environmental studies.

Don Deia "Heart of the Plate' Scholarship
  • $375: Renewable 4 years, 2 scholarships: Softball team member, financial need

Donohue History Scholarship
  • $1000: Passion for history, high academic achievement.
  • Essay: 200-250 words. Describe your passion for history and/or social sciences. What have you learned from the courses you have taken in the History Division? How have these courses contributed to your growth and development?

Douglas Scholarship
  • $1000: 3.0+ GPA in business courses
  • Essay: 250-300 words. Why are you planning to pursue a business degree in college? 
  • A letter of recommendation from a Business Ed teacher.

Eastern Star Scholarship
  • $1000: 1 female: High academic achievement

Gauger Memorial Scholarship
  • $1500: 2.5+ GPA, course work in technology, physics or applied sciences
  • A letter of recommendation from a science or technology teacher

Gawne Memorial Scholarship
  • $2000: 3.0+ GPA, community service, and co-curricular activities participation

Dr. Gerald L. Clay Scholarship
  • $1500: Renewable-once: African American male, financial need

Garden Club of OP/RF Scholarship
  • $1500: 2 scholarships: Merit based, planning to pursue studies in an environmental related field.

Greer Memorial Scholarship
  • $1000: 1 male & 1 female:  3.0+ GPA, history student, preference given to students interested in teaching history.
  • Essay: 200-250 words. Describe your desire to teach history. What are you most passionate about? What do you hope to achieve?

 Ryan A. Hammond Memorial Scholarship
  • $1000: Must have attended either District 97 Hatch or Whittier school, financial need
  • Essay: 250-350 words. What matters to you and, and why?

Hay Memorial Scholarship
  • $1000: 2 females: Academic achievement in mathematics

Hotchkiss Memorial Scholarship
  • $1000: Renewable 4 years, 2 scholarships: Financial need, academic achievement and leadership 

Houck Scholarship
  • $1000: 3.0+ GPA: Student planning to attend Dartmouth or Hanover College, demonstrated compassion for others

Hubbard-Shepard Scholarship
  • $1000: African-American: 3.0+ GPA: Wants to major in math or science

Krafft Memorial Art Scholarship
  • $2000: 3 scholarships: Pursuing fine arts study in college: participated in OPRFHS Art program
  • Submission of a DIGITAL portfolio representing 10 to 20 examples of artwork showing evidence of competency in one or more of the visual arts disciplines.
  • Submission of a personal essay explaining artistic accomplishments and/or art-related awards.  Indicate the college/university you have chosen and state your future personal goals and professional aspirations.
  • Recipients of the Visual Arts scholarships must endow one of their artworks to the Oak Park and River Forest High School art collection.  The selection of this piece will be made by the high school art faculty.
  • Deadline for portfolio submissions March 18, 2016   

Krafft Memorial Music Scholarship
  • $1000: Pursuing fine arts in college, participated in OPRFHS music program

Krafft Memorial Speech/Dance/TV Scholarship
  • $1000: Pursuing fine arts in college, participated in OPRFHS Speech, Dance or TV program

Patrick Luby Memorial Scholarship
  • $1000: 2 scholarships: Financial need, preference to those interested in teaching Spanish or other world language

Mead Scholarship
  • $1000: 3.0+ GPA, financial need

Miller/Cooke/Wood Scholarship
  • $1000: 2 scholarships: Honoring students in areas of drama, musical and technical theatre.

Monaco Music Scholarship
  • $2000: Interest in pursuing musical studies in college, preference to a piano student, merit and financial need.

Muehrcke Family Foundation Scholar Athlete
  • $7000: Renewable 4 years: 3.5+ GPA: Pursuing medical, health sciences or science, school and community leadership
  • Essay: 300-350 words. Describe your interest in pursuing a career in the health sciences.

Nielsen Scholarship
  • $1000: Stage Crew member, excellence in technical theatre.

Oak Park Arms Scholarship
  • $1000: 3.0+ GPA, leadership, participation in co-curricular activities, community service

Offermann Scholarship for Excellence in English
  • $1000: Planning to major or minor in English in college
  • Essay: 250-300 words. Describe how you embody the English division mission and vision. (Document available in the English Division office)

Olson Memorial Scholarship
  • $1500: 2.5-3.0 GPA: Financial need.

OPRFHS Scholarship Foundation Directors Scholarship
  • $1000: Renewable 4 years, 2 scholarships: Financial need, academic achievement

OPRFHS Retirees – ‘DOOPER’ Scholarship
  • $1000: Financial need, academic achievement

OPRFHS Retirees - Ferguson Memorial Scholarship
  • $1000: Financial need, academic achievement

OPUS Scholarship
  • $500: Interest in pursuing a degree in the fine and performing arts.

Quinn Swimming/Diving Scholarship
  • $1000: 2 scholarships, 1 male, 1 female: 2+ year member OPRFHS Swim and Diving Team
  • Essay: 300-500 words. Describe a defining moment for you on the swimming and diving team and tell why you consider it a defining moment.

Rinnan Scholarship
  • $1000: 3.0+ GPA: Varsity letter for Softball or Baseball, financial need

Schaefer Memorial Scholarship
  • $1000: 2.0-3.0 GPA, financial need, academic achievement

Schmidt Memorial Scholarship
  • $1000: Outstanding Senior in English

Seabury Foundation Scholarship
  • $2000: Renewable 4 years, 2 males, 2 females: Shows initiative, leadership, academic achievement and financial need.

Shields (Class of ’53) Memorial Scholarship
  • $1000: Financial need, academic achievement

Siarny Memorial Scholarship
  • $1000: 1 female:  2.9+ GPA, interest in science, music, world languages or the humanities.

Snow Memorial Scholarship
  • $500: 2.5+ GPA, pursuing studies in French, financial need
  • Essay: 250-300 words. Describe your current and future interest in French

Ishma STEWART Memorial Scholarship
  • $1000: 2.5+ GPA, Spoken Word member

Teri RACE Educational Technology Scholarship
  • $1000: Interest in computer applications, technology, demonstrated community service

Tony Trofimuk Scholarship
  • $1000:  Girls Varsity basketball letter recipient

TNH-Stephen A. Henry Scholarship
  • $1000: OPRFHS athlete, team manager or student trainer who has demonstrated exemplary sportsmanship, leadership and team spirit.

Wartman Scholarship
  • $1000: 5 scholarships: Pursuing art or music studies in college, students with mid-level GPA’s are encouraged to apply, preference given to visual arts majors.
  • Essay- 250-300 words. Describe your current and future interest in the arts.

Wood-Braley Scholarship
  • $1500: Demonstrated community service and/or co-curricular activities participation

Zussmann-Amato Memorial Scholarship
  • $5000: 1 female: Pursuing science in college
  • Essay: 300-500 words. Describe your passion for science and future career goals.