The primary goal of the PSST approach is to provide consultation, support, and services to any student identified in need in an effort to keep that child academically, socially, emotionally, and behaviorally successful in the school setting.  As students attend and graduate from OPRFHS, we would like to see our young people happy, safe, and making progress towards their potential as effective learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.  A vital factor of the PSST effectiveness is the communication among members ensuring that each student receives the services and support (both proactive and reactive) necessary to meet individual needs and to increase the student’s academic success. 

There are five PSS Teams, each consisting of one dean of students, three Guidance Counselors, a Social Worker, the Assistant Principal of Student Services, an RTI Coordinator and a Prevention and Wellness Coordinator social worker as needed.  Teams meet a minimum of once per week and more often as necessary.  With the new office assignments, all PSST members are located in the same areas, improving communication and services related to student success - one team each in rooms 208, 308 and 272 and two teams in room 207.  The PSST works with classroom teachers, parents, administrators, and community resources regarding to student issues.

The services provided for the school community by all members of the PSST (guidance counselors, deans of students, and Social Workers) address the following:

  • Critical thinking / decision making skills;
  • Conflict resolution;
  • Drugs and Alcohol abuse;
  • Harassment / Bullying prevention and intervention;
  • Student and school behavior interventions;
  • Development and implementation of district policies and procedures;
  • Home visits;
  • Recommendations for suspensions and expulsions;
  • Participating in the identification process for determining eligibility for special education or 504 services;
  • Staff Development;
  • Consultations with faculty and staff  related to topics such as student attendance, behavior, special education, emotional well-being, and physical/mental health;
  • Consultation with parents;
  • Crisis prevention and intervention services;
  • Consultation, referral, and coordination of services for students and families with community agencies and programs (Police, Parenthesis, Health Dept, Youth Services, etc.);
  • Networking with outside/community agencies and resources;
  • Alternative placement of students;
  • Stress reduction & management for students and parents;
  • Student rights & responsibilities / self-advocacy skills.

OPRFHS Pupil Service Support Teams


Deans of Students
Social Worker
Team Secretary

Team 1
Room 208      

Jonathan Silver
Brandi Ambrose 

Meghan Cahill

Darryl Hobson
Nabiha Calcuttawala
Sally Caicedo 

Team 2
Room 207

Jonathan Weintraub
Kris Johnson
Carolyn Ojikutu
Darek Radziszewski 

Lisa Makely

Gianna Caliendo

Team 3
Room 207

Alisa Walton
Julie Fuentes
Pete Nixen
Sarah VenHorst   

Jonathan Ecker

Mary Kay Bumgardner

Team 4
Room 308

Brian Beyers
Jacqueline Hanson
Joe Herbst
Thaddeus Sherman 

Katherine Madock

Kim Asbury  

Team 5
Room 272

Janel Bishop

Heidi Lynch

Esteban Medina

Scott Sponsler

Conchita Benson
Sharon Martinek



Assistant Principal for Instruction – Lynda Parker x3208
Secretary – Carin Lucas x3508
Discipline Secretary - Elaine Ritacco x3503

 Interim Assistant Principal for Student Learning - Matt Kirkpatrick x3225
Parent Outreach Coordinator - Latonia Jackson    x3008
Prevention and Wellness Coordinator - Ginger Colamussi  x3729
504 Coordinator  -  Daniela Lukic-Cole  x3608


 Questions/Information about Naviance (online college/career resource)-



Teachers, Coaches, Staff, Security, Tutors, etc.:

 If you are dealing with a student in a crisis situation outside of school hours and need assistance, call the Township Crisis Number 708.383.7500, press 0, and say “I need to speak to a family crisis worker” Or call the police (911) and ask  for a juvenile/youth officer.