School social workers provide both building level and individual support for students.

  • School Social Workers offer development, facilitation, and evaluation of psycho-educational groups that are topic based to the particular needs of our students. Click here for a list of Groups and Group Descriptions
  • In addition to groups, School Social Workers provide individual student counseling on a short term basis.

Conchita Benson

Social Worker

  • (708) 434-3730

Nabiha Calcuttawala

Social Worker

  • (708) 434-3238

Ginger Colamussi

Prevention Wellness Coordinator/Social Worker

  • (708) 434-3729

Jonathan Ecker

Social Worker

  • (708) 434-3734

Katherine Madock

Social Worker

  • (708) 434-3728

Lisa Makely

Social Worker

  • (708) 434-3733

Additional Resources
  • Sex Equity Coordinators re: Policy 5310 Sexual Harassment or Other Harassment of Students
    (Individuals who believe they have suffered a violation under Board of Education Policy 5310 - Sexual Harassment or Other Harassment of Students - are encouraged to file a complaint with any faculty member, the student's Counselor, Social Worker or SID. One of the two District Sex Equity Coordinators may be notified of the complaint
  • Community Network of Care: (sponsored by the Community Mental Health Board of Oak Park Township)
    This site is a community resource for individuals, families and agencies concerned with behavioral health, including substance and alcohol abuse issues. It provides information about behavioral health services, laws, and related news, as well as communication tools and other features.