Student Intervention Directors

In an effort to provide more administrative interventions to positively change student behavior, we have changed the former role of Dean of Students and renamed the position to Student Intervention Directors (SID). Upon entering the high school, each student is assigned a Student Intervention Director (SID/ dean). The SID/dean assumes the responsibility of ensuring that the learning environment is safe for all students.

The SID/dean will work with the student's family, counselor, teachers and support personnel in an effort to assist students with behavioral issues, student conflicts, and any other issues that may interfere with the student's safety and success here at OPRF. The SID/dean will hold each student accountable for daily attendance and for any violation of the Code of Conduct and will assign appropriate consequences.

Additionally, SIDs/dean will assist the administration by providing the following essential functions:

  1. Support and participate in Positive Behavioral Interventions and Programs at the high school.
  2. Work as a collaborative team member with staff, parents and community resource agencies.
  3. Support the Academic Programs.
  4. Maintain student discipline in the building, on the school grounds, at school events, and on buses to ensure proper education environment.
  5. Ensure compliance with the mandatory attendance law and develop positive student attendance patterns by supervising daily attendance and by monitoring the procedures of the Attendance Office.
  6. Supervise and assist in evaluating the performance of tenure and non-tenure instructional staff to comply with contract provisions.
  7. Communicate regularly with parents and others in the community to develop and maintain a positive school-community relationship.
  8. Maintain behavioral logs for each student on caseload.
  9. Supervision of co-curricular activities and Safety and Support Staff.
  10. Provide feedback and recommendations to supervisory model.
  11. Review and establish school policy and objectives with the administrative team to facilitate effective school management.

Janel Bishop

Student Intervention Director

  • (708) 434-3726

Brian Beyers

Student Intervention Director

  • (708) 434-3724

Jonathan Silver

Student Intervention Director

  • (708) 434-3725

Alisa Walton

Student Intervention Director

  • (708) 434-3727

Jonathan Weintraub

Student Intervention Director

  • (708) 434-3731

Elaine Ritacco

Discipline Secretary

  • (708) 434-3503