World Languages Division Sequences

Ms. Claudia Sahagun, Division Head, 708.434.3884,

The World Languages Division provides instruction in Latin, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese. A four-year program is offered in all seven languages, as well as a fifth-year Advanced Placement level in French and Spanish. An Advanced Literature and Composition course is taught in Spanish for heritage speakers. The division also offers one-semester courses in Etymology and World Languages and Cultures. If needed, a special program in English Language Learning (ELL) is provided for qualifying students whose native language is not English.


Regular Level Languages
Regular Level Languages
AP Level Languages
Chinese 1-4 Chinese 5-8A  
French 1-8 French 1-8A AP French 9-10
German 1-4 German 5-8A  
Italian 1-8 Italian 1-10A  
Japanese 1-4 Japanese 5-8A  
Latin 1-4 Latin Poetry A
Latin Prose A
Spanish 1-10 Spanish 1-8A
Advanced Spanish Literature & Composition A
AP Spanish 9-10
AP Spanish Literature