The World Languages Division provides instruction in Latin, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese. A four-year program is offered in all seven languages, as well as a fifth-year Advanced Placement level in French and Spanish. An Advanced Literature and Composition course is taught in Spanish for heritage speakers. The division also offers one-semester courses in Etymology and World Languages and Cultures. If needed, a special program in English Language Learning (ELL) is provided for qualifying students whose native language is not English.

Academic Catalog descriptions of all World Language Courses

Regular Level Languages
Regular Level Languages
AP Level Languages
Chinese 1-4 Chinese 5-8A  
French 1-8 French 1-8A AP French 9-10
German 1-4 German 5-8A  
Italian 1-8 Italian 1-10A  
Japanese 1-4 Japanese 5-8A  
Latin 1-4 Latin Poetry A
Latin Prose A
Spanish 1-10 Spanish 1-8A
Advanced Spanish Literature & Composition A
AP Spanish 9-10
AP Spanish Literature