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2022-2023 District Leadership Organizational Chart – Click Image for PDF

Business Office Communications Educational Technology Equity and Student Success Human Resources Operations

Chief Financial Officer

  • Administrative Assistant
Exec. Dir. of Communications and Community Relations

Executive Dir. of Educational Technology

  • Administrative Assistant

Exec. Dir. of Equity & Student Success

  • Administrative Assistant

Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources

  • Administrative Assistant

Executive Director of Operations

  • Administrative Assistant


  • Director of Finance
    • Payroll Coordinator
    •  Accountant 

Food Service

  • Director of Food Service
    • Assistant Director
    • Secretary


  • Director of Purchasing and Transportation
    • Fiscal Clerk
    • Business Office Support
Communications and Community Relations Coordinator

Technology Infrastructure Systems

  • Director of Infrastructure Services
    • Manager of Infrastructure Services
      • Application Specialist
      • Lead Technician
      • Technician
      • Duplicating Room
  • Data & Web Services Manager
    • Database Administrator
    • Data Analyst
    • Associate Data Analyst
    • Associate Web Developer
  • Technology Support Specialists

Equity & Student Success 

  • District Equity Programming
  • Motivational Mentorship
  • Outreach Coordinator
  • Trauma-Informed School Interventionist

Human Resources 

  • Director of Employee Relations and Recruitment
  • Benefits Coordinator
  • HR Systems Specialist
  • Substitute Coordinator


  • Director of Buildings and Grounds
    • Administrative Assistant
  • Director of Construction

Campus Safety 

  • Director of Campus Safety
    • Assistant Dir. of Campus Safety
    • Supervisor of Campus Safety
    • Secretary
Principal Office Special Education Student Learning

Assistant Superintendent/Principal

  • Administrative Assistant

Executive Director of Special Education

  • Administrative Assistant

Assistant Superintendent of Student Learning

  • Administrative Assistant

Student Services 

Student Activities 

  • Director of Student Activity
    • Secretary


  • Athletic Director
    • Assistant Director
    • Equipment Managers
    • Athletic Trainers
    • Secretary

Special Education

  • Assistant Director of Special Education
  • Program Chairs
  • Related Services Personnel
  • Support Team Clinicians
  • Behavior Interventionist
  • Itinerant Personnel
  • Records Manager
  • Special Education Assessment and ESY Specialist

Student Learning 

  • Director of Student Learning
    • Instructional Coaches
    • Academic Learning Program Personnel
    • Testing Center Coordinator
    • Tutoring Center Coordinator
    • Secretary

Learning Analytics and Support 

  • Coordinator of Learning Analytics Support
    • Testing Coordinator

Division Heads 

  • Teachers
  • Division Secretaries

Instructional Technology