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Motivational Mentorship

What is Motivational Mentorship?

How can students join the program?

Students can join the program by visiting Room 3250 on the 3rd floor during times when they are not in class. Students can also be referred to the program by parents, teachers, or counselors via this referral form.

Special programming

In addition to  weekly lessons, Motivational Mentorship aims to provide special programming through after-school workshops. These workshops will include guest speakers from different social, ethnic, and professional backgrounds that can help give students more insight into what their futures could possibly be. We will also have workshops centered around the development of self through healing circles. Below, are a list of some of the themes/topics that our workshops cover:

  • Professional Development
  • We’re More Alike than We Are Different
  • Turning Trauma into Triumph

Contact Information

Room 3250

Brianna Burton
Motivational Mentorship Coordinator

Follow us on Instagram: @oprfmotivationalmentorship


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