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OPRFHS offers a range of opportunities to develop and enhance students' reading abilities. Instruction and intervention are matched to students' demonstrated needs and academic skill sets. The goal of our reading program is for students to be college and career ready readers.

World Studies Immersion

World Studies Immersion is a three-class experience that includes freshmen requirements, English and History, and a recommended reading course. World Studies Immersion is designed to integrate the disciplines and expand the student’s experience. As a part of World Studies Immersion, students will be enrolled in WSI Literacy Seminar which provides intensive, direct reading instruction to increase vocabulary, reading comprehension, multisyllabic decoding, and reading rate. View the instructional planning form here.

Literacy Seminar

Literacy Seminar provides strategic instruction to increase students' ability to read academic content area text in English, History, and Science. It teaches students to read for different purposes with a variety of texts. LS also develops executive functioning habits in the areas of organization, note-taking, annotating, and study strategies. Literacy Seminar strives to build pro-students skills academically and behaviorally to provide a strong foundation of success freshmen year and beyond. View the instructional planning form here.

Literacy Connections

The goal of Literacy Connections is to develop reading proficiency and academic competencies for students who continue to demonstrate need beyond their first year. LC reinforces students' skills from their previous literacy class while building academic content reading skills at the student's grade level. Developing positive student habits such as decision making, organization, goal-setting, and study habits are emphasized. Students explore interest inventories and career options. View the instructional planning form here.

College & Career Literacy

College & Career Literacy helps students apply strategies that directly support content area reading. The focus of this class is informational, non-fiction texts. Executive functioning lessons enable students to monitor their own progress and set goals. Students engage in post-secondary planning and what it will take to get them to their goals using the Career Choices curriculum. CCL also provides test preparation for college admission testing. View the instructional planning form here.

Instructional Coaching

The OPRFHS instructional coaching model supports student learning through teacher-level support. Instructional coaches work to improve classroom practices by providing differentiated professional development that targets high-leverage strategies in literacy, mathematics, social-emotional functioning, and educational technology. They also use student data to inform instruction and give critical feedback to improve academic outcomes. Learn more here.