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Student Supports & Services

Student Academic Supports

  • Tutoring Center: Drop-in Tutoring provided to students who need extra help with Math, Science, English, History, and Writing. Available before and after school, during lunch periods, and study halls.
  • Executive Functioning Tutors: Before school or after school drop-in or by appointment support for students who need assistance with organization, time management, study skills, and prioritizing.
  • Testing Center: Available to students to make-up tests before/after school, during their lunch, or study hall.

Academic Learning Programs

  • Mentor Study: Identified through the PSS process, this is a course that helps build social-emotional competency and executive functioning skills in order to be successful in student life.
  • Executive Functioning Study Skills: This is a 6-8 week fluid intervention course to provide students with skill development in organization, time management, planning, and other executive functions. Students are identified through the PSS data process.
  • In-School Credit Recovery: This course assists students who need to recover credits toward graduation. Students are recommended by PSS teams.
  • Motivational Mentorship: A multifaceted mentoring program that supports students as they navigate the demands of life, both inside and outside of school, and fosters positive life habits.

Student Service Supports

  • Pupil Support Service Teams: Multi-disciplinary teams that assess student concerns and connect with interventions or resources. Provides a welcoming and safe space for students personally and emotionally.
  • Social Work Services: Classroom education, group and individual supports, and family connections are provided to foster social-emotional development, coping skills, and growth.
  • Parent Outreach Coordinator: Assists in developing programs and opportunities for parents to support student success and create strong positive relationships across the communities.
  • West 40 Student Advocates: West 40 staff members serve as advocates for our students and their families to reach school success, remain in school, and help put students on a meaningful post-secondary path.