Student Online Personal Protection Act

Oak Park and River Forest High School/District 200 is committed to legally and ethically protecting our students’ data privacy and security.  In accordance with District 200 policy, state and federal law, measures have been taken to ensure that we are in compliance with the following:

Under SOPPA each school district must post on its website 

  • Data the district collects, maintains or discloses to any person, entity, third party, or governmental agency
  • An explanation on how the information is used by the district, to whom it is disclosed, and for what purpose
  • A list of companies the school district has written agreements with, a copy of each agreement, and business address of each operator within 10 business days after entering into an agreement
  • A list of each subcontractor to whom covered information may be disclosed
  • Procedures parents may use to carry out their rights under SOPPA
  • A list of breaches of covered information going back five years