College and Career Center (CCC)
 Room 207

  • The College and Career Center (CCC) provides a variety of college and career resources for all OPRFHS students and parents. Students are introduced to the resources of the CCC in their junior year and are urged to take advantage of the many services offered throughout their high school years. The CCC is open to students who must sign in at all times before and after school, during lunch and during study halls.  The resources listed below are available to students and parents in the post-secondary planning process.
  • Computer Programs.  The school owns or has a license to use several computer programs that will assist the student in the college research/search process.  The computerized college search process helps by narrowing the field of possible colleges suitable to the student.  Students are able to maintain a college search file using a password and user ID. Access to career search information is also available through the computer software in the CCC and the OPRFHS Library.
  • OPRFHS Web Page and Internet Access.  Resource information is available and easily accessible through the OPRFHS website,  Specific college, career, financial aid, scholarship, and other related post-secondary information is located at under "Counseling Services."  Other pertinent information related to post-secondary educational planning can be accessed through the various Internet bookmarks.
  • College Representatives Program.  Each year more than 200 college representatives (callers) visit OPRFHS.  Students are informed of these visits through a weekly College Callers Bulletin posted in the daily Student Bulletin, the daily PA announcements, Naviance notices, and the OPRFHS web page.
  • College representatives meet with interested students in designated posted locations.  Juniors or seniors wishing to meet with a college representative during a class period must obtain a college interview pass from their counselor and obtain the signature of their classroom teacher.
  • Financial Assistance.   Financial aid forms (FAFSA) and related information are available for download at on the CCC's computers. Information about different sources of financial aid is also available.
  • Scholarships.  Information packets for specific scholarships are filed in the CCC and are available online.  The Scholarship Bulletin is prepared on a regular basis and made available to students on the web page and through Naviance.  Local scholarship applications are available at the beginning of semester 2.
  • Career Information.  Students can complete various interest inventories and research different careers via websites in the CCC to discover which professions might be a good fit.
  • Armed Services Information.  The students can use computers in the CCC to review the latest information about post-high school opportunities available through the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Army, the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Coast Guard, the U.S. Marines, the U.S. Merchant Marines, the U.S. National Guard, and the various Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) programs is on file in the CCC.  Visits from military recruiters are handled in the same manner as visits from college representatives.