Grade reports are mailed to parents two times each semester.  The following marks are given:

  • A (4 pts.):  A is the highest mark and represents superior achievement.
  • B (3 pts.):  B represents above-average work.
  • C (2 pts.):  C represents average work.  An average of C for four years should place a student above the lowest quarter of the class and probably in the middle third of the class.
  • D (1 pt.):  D represents below average work, but passing. A four-year average of D will place a student in the lowest quarter of the class.
  • F (0 pts.):  F is the failure mark.
  • FX:  An F is changed to an FX when a failed course has been successfully retaken.  The FX mark is not computed in the GPA.
  • I:  Incomplete. Usually issued due to an extended excused absence, the grade is withheld until the work is made up within a designated period of time. An I grade given as a semester grade must be resolved by the end of the next quarter or the grade will be converted to an F.  The I mark is not computed in the GPA.
  • N: Grade and credit are withheld due to excessive absences in a credit-granting course.  The N mark is not computed in the GPA.
  • P: Passing.  Under some circumstances, a student may request to be graded on a pass/fail basis. Unless a student has special circumstances, a student may not request the pass/fail option for any course specifically required for graduation. The request to exercise the pass/fail option must be made to the teacher on or before the last day of the 9th week of the semester. The P mark is not computed in the GPA. In some instances, passing a course will not meet the prerequisite for another course within the same sequence and will require appropriate division head approval to move through the curriculum.
  • W: Withdrawn.  When a student withdraws from a course after the 6th week but before the end of the 9th week of a semester or withdraws from OPRFHS at any time during a semester, he/she receives a mark of W. The W mark is not computed in the GPA.  A student who withdraws from a course during the first six weeks of a semester will have no indication of the course on the his/her transcript.
  • WF (0 pts.):  A student who withdraws from a course during the final nine weeks of a semester receives a mark of WF.  The WF mark is computed in the GPA.


  • Students may not withdraw from a course if a mark of N has already been given in the course due to excessive absences or tardies.
  • Grades for each quarter are independent of each other.  Both quarter grades and the final exam grade (when appropriate) are used to determine the semester grade.
  • A student who receives an F in a course may retake the exact same course and have a higher grade entered on the transcript for the retaken course. The F for the original course then becomes an FX. For courses in which a student has received a passing grade, no retakes are permitted.



Mid-Quarter Failure Warnings will be posted in Family Access for any student who is reported by the student's teacher as receiving a D or F in any course by the midpoint of the 9-week grading period. Students and parents receive grades at the end of each quarter and at the end of each semester via Family Access. The Mid-Quarter Failure Warning to parents and students may include comments specific to the student's situation in the particular class. Comments may relate to areas of concern or areas of particularly commendable performance. Teachers can use numbered or free form comments on the notice to specify the areas in which the student needs improvement. Also, the notice includes a request that the parents contact the teacher via phone or email to discuss the student's performance and determine the best course of action. Parents may receive specific information that will help students improve their classroom performance and study skills and catch up with assignments before the end of the quarter when course grades are given. Email addresses for all teachers can be found on the school’s website at