Science and Technology

Science and Technology Division

Scope and Sequences

The Science and Technology Division at OPRFHS utilizes the content of their courses to help students develop their abilities in the following areas:

• Solving Relevant Problems Using Scientific and Engineering Practices
• Making Sense of Information and Communicating Their Understandings
• Collaborating with Others
• Applying Mathematics
• Exploring Careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

The graduation requirements for our division follow:

• 4 Credits/2 Years with 2 Credits/1 Year in a Laboratory Science course
• 1 Credit/1 Semester in an Applied Arts Course (Our Technology Courses Meet This Requirement)

Students preparing to enter an Illinois public college or university should plan to complete three years of laboratory sciences as required for admission.  Students preparing for a career or collegiate program in STEM should plan to take at least four years of the course offerings in our division.

In an effort to help all students realize their full potential, we offer a wide variety of academic content, challenge, and support in our courses.  The following provides sequences and descriptions for the course offerings in Science, Technology and Health departments of our division:

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