Transfer Courses and Proficiency

Transfer Courses and Proficiency Credit


  • Credit earned through extension, online, or correspondence courses may be applied toward the satisfaction of graduation requirements provided that such study commences after the successful completion of the 8th grade year. Such credit shall be earned through the satisfactory completion of courses offered by an institution accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools or any other regional accrediting association or by an institution that is recognized by a state office of education. A maximum of four such credits may be used to satisfy graduation requirements.  Requests for credits to be applied to the permanent transcript must be received by the appropriate counselor prior to August 9 of the school year. If a student takes a credit through extension, online, or correspondence during his/her senior year, the final transcript must be received from the outside institution by April 15 to ensure participation in graduation. Any transcript submitted from an outside institution will show as a transfer credit grade on the transcript and will become part of the student’s permanent record at OPRFHS.


  • Students may satisfy the computer proficiency requirement by achieving a qualifying score on the local computer proficiency test.  This test is given the third Wednesday of quarters 2, 3, and 4.  An additional test date is scheduled during the third quarter.  The test dates and sign up will be announced in the student bulletin.  Students may register for the test twice each year until they pass the test but not after the second semester of the junior year.  The student may not be enrolled in a class which meets the computer proficiency requirement during the semester that the test is taken.
  • While successful completion of this test satisfies the computer proficiency graduation requirement, the student must successfully complete an additional elective course in order to compile the minimum number of credits required for graduation.