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Math Summer Enrichment Programs

  • S200 – Pre-Algebra

    • Designed for students who tested into Pre-algebra.  This course will allow students to be enrolled in algebra as a freshmen.

  • S201 – Pre-Plane Geometry A

    • Designed for students recommended for Algebra who wish to move to Plane Geometry 1-2A. this course is pass/fail. 

  • S202 – Pre-Advanced Algebra 8

    • Designed for students who are currently taking algebra in 8th grade and tested into Plane Geometry A.  This course will allow students to be enrolled in Advanced Algebra A as a freshmen.

  • S2231 & S2232 – Plane Geometry 1-2

    • Designed for students between their freshmen and sophomore years.  This course will allow students who performed at an above average level in algebra to take Plane Geometry over the summer and enroll in Intermediate Algebra A as a sophomore, qualifying for AP Calculus as a senior.

  • S2501 - Introduction to Computer Science

    • This course provides an introduction to computer science programming. Students will discover the theory and power of computers by learning to write computer programs to conduct experiments and solve practical problems. The course will focus on several programming languages to facilitate students' learning of computer programming solutions. Languages include Scratch, Android App Inventor, and Python. The course prepares students for the more rigorous AP Computer Science or Honors Computer Science courses. Most of the work for the class will be done during class time in a computer lab setting under the supervision of the teacher. Some laboratory time outside of class may be required; a home computer with Internet access can serve this purpose. A Google Chromebook is required. Successful completion of this course will fulfill the applied arts graduation requirement. This class will be graded.

For more information regarding Summer Enrichment Experiences, please contact Mathematics Division Head Dr. Julie Frey (