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Physical Education and Driver Education

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For course listings, please see pages 77-81 in the Academic Catalog.

The State of Illinois requires each student to participate in physical education, and the study must be a part of the regular school curriculum.   The district requires that each student successfully complete seven semesters of Physical Education. The OPRFHS Physical Education program requires that all students participate in the following curriculum in order to experience a well-balanced program: Adventure Education, aquatics, dance, fitness, individual sport, team sport, and racket sport. As part of the seven semesters, students must take one semester of Health Education, which covers topics mandated by the Illinois School Code Comprehensive Health Education Program, including the prevention and control of diseases, mental wellness, alcohol and drug use and abuse, human sexuality, and nutrition. 

Freshmen and sophomores will have a core curriculum selected for them during the first two years. In most cases, freshmen will meet the swim, dance, fitness, and sport requirements in the first year. Sophomores should satisfy the second swim, Self-Defense or StepBack, and CPR/AED review. Generally, juniors and seniors have the option of selecting courses during their final two  years but may be placed in a class needed to fulfill the above requirements. Students who receive a PE exemption need 1 additional elective credit for each exemption: 1 credit = 1 semester.

Contact Information

Physical Education
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Brian Beyers
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Daniel Kleinfeldt
Driver Education Department Chair

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Division Secretary