AP® Program announced changes to the 2020 AP Exam   

College Board has expressed their commitment to providing support, flexibility, and solutions to AP Exams. AP Online Exam schedule has now been released, see below for updates on test date.  

Online Exam testing dates Monday, May 11, 2020 through Friday, May 22, 2020

Online Exam Make-up tesing dates in Monday, June 1, 2020 through Friday, June 5 2020

Makeup Testing June 1 - 5 

Student Tips for Makeup AP Exams

Exception Testing

Students approved for makeup exams are eligible for 2020 exception testing if:

  • They need to take two makeup exams that are scheduled at the same time.
  • They had technical issues while testing.
  • They experienced a disruption while testing.
  • Illness interfered with their testing.

Other reasons for eligibility for exception testing not specified here may be recognized as valid.

Students may also request exception testing if their teacher identified an unintentional submission issue when viewing their copy of the student’s response (e.g., blank, missing, or blurry pages) from the primary testing window.

Note: Being unsatisfied with an exam response is not a valid reason for a student to request makeup testing.

If students used the backup email submission process but their exam remains incomplete (e.g., because submission requirements were not met), College Board will automatically send these students e-tickets for exception testing.

AP Exception Testing Request Form will open on June 1 12 PM - Sunday June 7 5 PM.

More information about AP Exception Testing can be found here.


Troubleshooting Tips for AP 2020 Exams

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Exam Security 

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Frequent asked questions can be found below:

Q. Where can I find updated information on AP exams?

A: Information regarding all AP updates for students can be found here.

Q: How does the AP online exam differ from the traditional face-to-face exam?

A: For the 2019-2020 school year exam administration, students can take a 45-minute online free-response exam at home (excluding Art and Computer Science Principles Portfolio exams). The online exam will be available by streaming through a computer, tablet, or phone device that has internet access, including OPRF-issued Chromebooks. The online exam will include material that has been covered in class by early March. More information about what will be covered on the exam can be found here. Please contact your AP teacher with any questions regarding the content of your AP exam.

Q: Is there an extension or change to the Digital Portfolios?

A: Yes, the Art and Computer Science Principles portfolio have changed. Students should continue working with teachers on Digital Portfolio before due dates. Changes to each submission are listed below:

AP Subject 
Portfolio Due 
Changes to submission requirements
Art and Design2:D Portfolio Digital Portfolio Submission due May 26 at 11:59 p.m. ET Three Selected  Works and ten Sustained Investigation
Art and Design: Drawing

Digital Portfolio Submission due May 26 at 11:59 p.m. ET

Three Selected  Works and ten Sustained Investigation

Computer Science Principles Digital Portfolio Submission due May 26 at 11:59 p.m. ET Explore Task and Create Task only; no multiple-choice exam

Q: Will Colleges or Universities accept AP online exam scores?
A: Colleges and Universities will accept AP online exams for scores of 3 or higher. To view a full list of institutions that accept AP exams, along with their AP exam score requirements by subject, click here. Please contact your school counselor with any questions regarding College advising.

Q: What if my child registered and paid for an AP exam and no longer wants to take it?

A: Due to this year’s extenuating circumstances, any student already registered for an exam can choose to cancel at no charge.

Q: How can I or my child cancel the AP Exam for which we registered?

A: Cancellation form can be found here

Q: When can I expect a refund if I paid for an AP exam and canceled?

A: AP exam refunds will be made in June.

Q: Will AP online exams allow students to use accommodations?

A: On April 21, College Board released a web page with details about accommodations click here to be directed.

Q: How can my child prepare for their upcoming AP Exam?

A: Resources from College Board can be found here. Please contact your AP teacher for more information.  

Q: My child didn't join the Online AP Class but exam fees were paid and or submitted commited form can my child take the exam?

A: If a student didn't join the online course before March 13th and an exam was not ordered. We can't confirm the student will be available to the Online AP Exam. Please reach out to Mrs. Delgado at Mdelgado@oprfhs.org if your child does not see an exam ordered in their AP account. 

Q: My child had decided not to take the AP Exam but since then has changed his/her mind. Can my child take the Online AP Exam?

A: Unfortunately, College Board will only offer Online AP Exams to students that comitted before March 13th due procedures in place and new exam version.

Changes to AP Exam Fees

Description Cost per Exam 
Students Taking Online Exam  $100
Cancelation/Late Fee  $0





Requirements for Online AP Exams:

1. Student must have created a MYAP student account.

2. Student must have joined each Online AP Class with code provided by teacher. 

3. Parent/Students submitted the comitement form (S1 and YR coures due date November 1st, 2019) (S2 Courses March 1st)

    If the commitment form was not filled out payments through RevTrak was needed. RevTrak payment was considered Late Registration.

4. Paid fees in Skyward or RevTrak. If committed form was filled out AP Exam Fees were applied to Skyward. 

    Tutorial how to pay through Skyward Family Access can be found here.


For questions regarding registration, please email Mrs. Mayra Delgado Testing Specialist at Mdelgado@oprfhs.org or Assessments@oprfhs.org 

For questions about AP Testing, please contact your AP teacher