News about Summer Enrichment Grants from the Alumni Association

News about Summer Enrichment Grants from the Alumni Association

Students on a summer program in Tanzania

Is your student planning to participate in a summer enrichment program this year?   If so, they are eligible to apply for a Summer Enrichment Grant Scholarship from the Alumni Association.  The 2020 application period is NOT YET OPEN but we do have some information to share.  These grants are for SUMMER programs only and current freshmen, sophomores and juniors are eligible to apply.  We typically offer TWO application periods - an earlier deadline (mid-January) for OPRFHS-sponsored programs and a later deadline (late February) for ANY program. The application is completed ONLINE but there are some forms that must be printed, completed and signed.  Applications are reviewed together AFTER the appropriate deadline has passed.   Typical grant amounts range from $250 - $1000 depending on the cost of your program and financial need.  We may exceed the $1000 maximum on a very limited basis under special circumstances.
NOTE: The entire application including the online portion, the printed portion, and the Teacher recommendation MUST be submitted by the deadline in order to be eligible for consideration.

NOTE: The application for Summer 2020 is not yet available.  The link BELOW is for informational purposes only.

This LINK has information about past SEG awards and program ideas.
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Questions?  Get in touch with the Alumni Association - call (708) 434-3281 or email