News about Summer Enrichment Grants from the Alumni Association

News about Summer Enrichment Grants from the Alumni Association

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Is your student planning to participate in a summer enrichment program this year?   If so, they are eligible to apply for a for a Bobbie Raymond Summer Enrichment Grant scholarship from the Alumni Association.  Named to honor one of our founding members and long-time president and community activist Roberta Wolin Raymond (OPRFHS '55) the ALUMNI ASSOCIATION provides these grants to students for academic-related SUMMER enrichment opportunities.  The goal is to provide enrichment and enhance motivation of students, particularly those with limited resources. Eligible students must be current freshmen, sophomores and juniors. For summer programs only, not those taking place during the school year.  Both in-person and remote programs are eligible.

Typical grant amounts range from $250 - $1000 depending on the cost of the program and the student and family's financial need.  We may exceed the $1000 maximum on a very limited basis under special circumstances.  The absolute maximum award is $3,000.  All students are advised to have a lower-cost second choice program in mind.

There are THREE PARTS to the application.  The entire application including - #1 the online portion, #2 the printed forms, and #3 the Teacher recommendation - MUST be submitted by the DEADLINE of TUESDAY, MARCH 9 in order to be eligible for consideration. 
For SUMMER programs only.  More information on the application link below.

Note: Students - if you were awarded a grant in 2020 that you wish to use this summer, please contact the Alumni office and let us know your plans.

Get more information and APPLY HERE: 
This LINK has information about past SEG awards and program ideas.
This LINK has information about additional FINANCIAL AID opportunities for Summer Enrichment.

Questions?  Get in touch with the Alumni Association - call (708) 434-3281 or email