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FALL 2022 - We currently have information for 1961, 1962, 1963, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1987, 1990, 1992, 2000, 2002 and 2012 - scroll down for details
Reunons for 1966, 1985, 1986, 1991 and 1976/1977 took place in the fall of 2021. Details below.

HOMECOMING 2022 is the weekend of SEPT 30 - OCT 1 with the varsity football game on Friday evening.  Additional home games are listed below.

Note: Schedules and events may be modified due to continued uncertainty created by covid-19. Spectator attendance at football games may be restricted.
Fall 2021 SCHOOL TOURS did NOT take place.

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HOMECOMING AND REUNIONS for 2022 and beyond 

NOTE:  Homecoming 2022 is scheduled for Friday/Saturday, SEPT. 30 - OCT 1.  The FOOTBALL game will be Friday night, SEPT. 30 with varsity kick-off set for 7:30 PM, pending the end of the Sophomore game.  Additional HOME GAMES are scheduled for 9/16, 10/7 and 10/21 (all Friday night games).  SPECTATOR ATTENDANCE MAY BE RESTRICTED -  MORE DETAILS on tickets and other events will be posted in the fall.  

For information about PAST REUNIONS please scroll down to the bottom of this page

NOTE: REUNION PLANNING is the responsibility of the members of each specific class. The Alumni Office is available to help put you in touch with your classmates and get the planning process started. Our reunion planning guide has tips to help you get started with venue ideas, setting up a website, collecting money, suggested activities, school tours and more.  Please Get in Touch with us if you know of reunion plans not listed here or if you need contact information (ie, telephone numbers) other than what is listed here.

Please contact the Alumni Office if you know of any reunions in the works or if you'd like information on joining or starting a committee. Check here for more information about past reunion events. Call (708) 434-3281 or e-mail

UPCOMING REUNIONS  (and HERE is a recap of past reunions)
We regret to announce that NO SCHOOL TOURS will be offered at this time. We hope to be able to offer them later in 2022.

Specific class information is posted below - please check class websites for updates. If your class is not listed - please Get in Touch! We can help put you in contact with your classmates.  There is no need to wait to begin planning - and please let us know what's up!

COMING UP in 2022 and beyond    1961, 1962, 1963, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1990, 1992, 2000, 2002 and 2012
(...please note that some 2020 and 2021 Reunions have been postponed to 2022)

1961 - The Reunion Committee has decided to postpone the 60th Reunion by one year because of the uncertainty due to covid. So the Class of '61 is planning to celebrate their 61st Reunion OCTOBER 6 & 7, 2022. Please help the committee by taking the SURVEY linked HERE to indicate your date preference.  Visit the class website (LINK) for additional information.

1962 - The class is planning a 60th year reunion for the weekend of SEPT 30 - OCT 1 with most events held at the Oak Brook Hills Resort & Conference Center.  The class website (LINK) has more details.  Use this survey link  (SURVEY) to let the committee know your plans to attend.  For those on facebook, there is a class group that could use some additional members - take a look!

1964-'65- Jim Mason, class of '64, is hoping to organize a reunion get-together for alumni of '64 and '65 at a facility he owns near DeKalb, IL - Mason Indoor Golf & Family Fun Center (LINK). Possible dates and other details of the event are open for discussion.  He would love to hear your ideas - please get in touch by email to Sarah Whiting at

1970 - The long-delated 50-year reunion celebration has again been postponed due to lingering Covid-19 concerns.  The committee, which includes 27 classmates who had been working for 3 years to plan the reunion, realized there was still hesitation about attending events and were reluctant to sponsor a poorly attended reunion.    PLEASE KEEP IN TOUCH VIA THE WEBSITE  - and be sure to update your email address if needed. Find more info on the class website: – use the Contact Us page to reach the organizers.

1971 -  Plans for the Official 50th Year Reunion have morphed into a "50 Plus ONE" . The DATE will be SEPTEMBER 10, 2022 at the Carleton Hotel in Oak Park.  See their Reunion website for event details and ticket information -   Join the Class Facebook group to keep up with the news:   Contact the planning committee at

1972 - A 50th year reunion is planned to take place over Homecoming weekend, with the main event on SATURDAY evening,  OCTOBER 1.  Details of the event are still in the works.  Check the class website at this LINK for updates - to view the activity, you must be a member of the class and sign-up on the website.  To sign-up, find your name on the class list HERE and click on it or use the Contact Us link.  You can also connect on the Class of '72 Facebook group at this LINK or email the committee at

1987 -  A 35th year reunion will be held on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 17 at The Tap Room at Circle & Madison in Forest Park. Other events will likely include the football game on Friday night and a tour of the school on Saturday morning.  A new facebook page has been set up specifically for the Reunion at - check it out and join the discussion.

1990 -  An in-person celebration to commemorate their 30th +2 year reunion on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 1 is in the works. The venue and other details are being finalized. Visit the class Facebook page ( for updates. For more information contact Bubba Murray at or Jason Rosado at

1992 - Planning is in the early stages for a 30th year reunion.  The committee would love to hear from you, contact them by email at: and join their facebook group to connect with your classmates - - dates and other details are still up for discussion!

2000 -  An informal "mini-reunion" was held in October 2021, but there's talk of a larger reunion in 2022.  Visit their facebook page for updates:  The planning group includes Caitlin Fahey, Jessica Montanez, Ryan Grace, Allison (Ibarra) Nelson and Perry Thorne. Contact them at .The committee is still planning a bigger event to take place in 2022.

2002 - The 20-year reunion is set for Saturday, JUNE 11 - find more information and get your tickets at this Eventbrite link -  Purchase tickets in advance - the price will be higher at the door.  Visit the facebook group to connect with your classmates -  .

2012 - Class members have started discussing plans for a 10-year reunion, taking place on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 25 at Hubbard Street Inn in Chicago! More information, and a link to purchase tickets can be purchased at this Eventbrite LINK.  There's also a facebook group - check it out: - see what's up and how you can get involved.


1963 - Classmates have begun discussing plans for a 60th year reunion in 2023. Members of the committee include Sharna (Frack) Ahern and Sue (Meyer) Perry. They have set up the following email address to communicate with classmates: We will post updates as plans take shape.



FALL 2021 REUNIONS (note: NO in-person reunions were held in 2020)  

1966 - Classmates gathered for a 55th year reunion the weekend of SEPT. 24-25 on Friday at the 19th Century Club in Oak Park and Saturday evening at the American Legion Hall in Forest Park.  Connect with your classmates on your CLASS WEBSITE: LINK and  on their FACEBOOK page HERE.

1976 & 1977 - The Class of 1976 and the Class of 77 held a combined 45th year Reunion get-together on Saturday, DEC 4 at Goldy’s Restaurant in Forest Park. Connect with your classmates on their facebook group: NOTE: Goldy's is CASH ONLY.

1985 - The 35th year Reunion for the Class of '85 became a 35th plus One, held on SATURDAY, SEPT 25 at the National Grove Forest Preserve Site located near 31st and Des Plaines in North Riverside.   Follow the Class of '85 Facebook group for updates: LINK.

1986 - The 35th year reunion was held over Homecoming weekend (Sept 24-25). Check their Facebook and Instagram pages to connect with your classmates: and  Event details are posted on the Eventbrite LINK

1991 - The 30th year reunion was held Saturday, SEPT 25 at Urban Pioneer Group in Forest Park.  Details about the event are posted on the Class WEBSITE: - Connect with your classmates on the class Facebook page: Committee members included Sarah (Abboreno) Corbin, Molly Dunn and Tanya Smith - you can reach them at this e-mail:

2000 - A 20-Year (plus One) Mini-Reunion was held Saturday, OCT 23, 2021 at the Old School Tavern & Grill in Forest Park.  Visit their facebook page for more details: The committee is still planning a bigger event to take place in 2022

In additiion, the Water Polo Alumni Match returned this year after a hiatus in 2020 and was held at OPRFHS on Saturday, Nov 27.  See their Facebook group HERE for details.


1959 - The 60th year reunion took place over the weekend of SEPTEMBER 27-28 with the main event at Drury Lane in Oak Brook.  Information was posted on the Class of '59 website at .  Contact Donna Jones Stephens via the website to connect with your classmates.

1969 - The 50th was held OCTOBER 12, 2019 - at the 19th Century Club in Oak Park.  Events included the Football game on Friday night, a tour of the high school on Saturday morning and grammar school tours at various times. Contact the Reunion Committee by e-mail to and join the facebook group:

1979 -  Your 40th year reunion was celebrated on Saturday, OCT 26 at Fitzgerald's Nightclub, 6615 W. Roosevelt Rd., Berwyn and included a light buffet of Alpine Sandwiches and Malnatti's pizza - with CASH BAR.  Visit the class website (LINK) for more details.  The committee included Mary Lappe Kureja (, Carol Campbell (, Kathleen Fleming(, Bill Deist (, and Tracy Quinn Brooker(  .

1984 - Classmates held a 35th year reunion get-together SEPT 20-21 at Healy's in Forest ParkAdditional events included a "Meet & Greet" on Friday at ONE LAKE Brewing in Oak Park (Lake & Austin) followed by the football game at 7:30 and a tour of the school on Saturday morning.  The committee includes Ellen (Mullarkey) Nelson, Karen (Barg) Baldwin and others.  You can reach Ellen by E-MAIL and connect with your classmates via their FACEBOOK Reunion group: LINK.  

1989 - The 30th year reunion celebration was held on Saturday, OCTOBER 12 at The Carleton in Oak Park.  Learn more at the Class FACEBOOK Reunion group: LINK - and their Facebook EVENT page: LINK - both are set as "private" so you must join the group to view the updates and postings.

1999 - A 20th year reunion celebration was held on Saturday, SEPT 14 at Healy's in Forest Park from 7 - 11 PM.  Check their FACEBOOK Reunion group to learn more:  and contact the committee by email to: - committee members include Anya Budinsky, Max Knebel and Jasmine Batiste-Lampkin.

2009 -  A TEN YEAR reunion celebration for the Class of 2009 was held on Friday, NOVEMBER 29.  Get all the details on thee class website:  - (link expired)

A RECAP OF 2018 REUNIONS and earlier
 - Classmates celebrated the 65th anniversary of their graduation the weekend of SEPTEMBER 21 - 22.. with a Friday cocktail party at the home of Jane Lofgren Pearsall; and a Saturday  LUNCHEON at OP Country Club.  Contact Jane at (773) 484-9282 (cell) or by e-mail to  


1958 - The 60th anniversary get-together was held the weekend of October 5 - 7, 2018.. On Friday night was cocktails and dinner at Trattoria 225 in Oak Park; and on Saturday, October 6th a dinner at the Oak Park Country Club.  Other possible events included a TOUR of the high school on Saturday morning. .Contact Jordon Beller (630) 816-1932 (cell) or email:


1968 - The class of 1968 celebrated its 50 Year Reunion over the weekend of OCTOBER 19 - 20. with a Friday night mixer a Saturday evening dinner party at the 19th Century Club in Oak Park. Connect via their website or send an email to or . "Meet" your classmates at the Class of '68 facebook page -  

1973 - The Class of '73 held a 45th year reunion on Saturday evening, SEPTEMBER 22 - at Doc Ryans in Forest Park with Cash bar and food.   Questions?  Send an email Ruth at

1978 - The 40th year reunion was held over Homecoming Weekend, with the "main event" on Saturday evening, SEPTEMBER 22 at Fitzgerald's in Berwyn.   Many thanks for Jane Erickson for heading up the planning committee.  Learn more at the class website: - to contact Jane, use the "Contact Us" link on the website.

1983 - Held a 35-year reunion over Homecoming Weekend with the "main event" on Saturday, September 22 at Skrine Chops in Forest Park.  Event details are posted HERE - no cover charge; food and drink will be available for purchase.  Join the fun with your classmates on their facebook page:

1988 - The 30-year reunion was held over Homecoming Weekend (9/22) at Healy's Westside in Forest Park.  Event details and a link to purchase tickets via Eventbrite is HERE.  For info contact Karen Mullarkey Kerrins by email at and get in on the discussion on the class facebook page:

1993 - The  25-year reunion took place over Homecoming weekend on Saturday, Sept. 22 at Fitzgerald's.  Visit the class website at for more details and ticket information.  Get in touch by e-mail to   And check out their facebook page to connect with your classmates at

1998 - The 20-year reunion was  Sept. 22 at the Wild Onion Tied House in Oak Park.  Tickets available at this LINK.  Contact the committee via e-mail to - and connect via the facebook group at

2008 - The 10-year reunion was Friday, NOVEMBER 23 at The Tunnel in Chicago.  To learn more, join the Class of 2008 facebook page and:   

Paul Eckenroad Memorial Water Polo Match - the 7th Annual "Boys" Alumni Water Polo match was held Saturday, Nov 24 in the East Pool.  Visit their Facebook event page for more information: 


2017 - The Homecoming game was Friday October 13, 2017 with TOURS of the High School and a coffee hour on Saturday morning.  SCHOOL TOURS were also given on Saturday mornings for reunions on 9/16 and 9/23.   The following reunions took place:

Water Polo Alumni Match - The Sixth Annual Paul Eckenroad Boys Alumni Water Polo match took place Saturday, November 25 at OPRFHS with proceeds supporting the boys water polo program.

1957 - The 60th was held Homecoming weekend, October 13-15.  Plans included a Friday night reception at Grace Lutheran and the OPRF Football game; Saturday morning school tours and an evening reception and supper at OP Country Club Men's Grill and a Sunday morning breakfast at the home of Jack & Nancy Strand. Get in touch by email: Marilyn: or Dan:

1962 - The 55th year reunion was the weekend of SEPT 22-24 at the Oak Brook HIlls Resort & Conference.  Thank you to Al Kadon for  heading up the planning committee - use the Contact US page to get in touch. Visit the class website at for all the details and to keep up with your classmates.

1965 –  The Class of '65 celebrated their joint 70th birthdays on Saturday night, 9/9/17, at the Carleton Hotel' in Oak Park. Contact the committee via e-mail to or visit the Class Website at for photos and news. 

1967 - The class of 1967 held its 50 Year Reunion for Saturday night, SEPT 16 at the Carleton Hotel in Oak Park.  Festivities take place from 5:30 - 11:30 PM.  Many thank to Larry Fulgenzi for heading up the planning - contact him by email at - visit the class webpage for news:

1977 - The 40th year reunion included the football game on Friday, October 13 and a get-together at Pioneer Tap in Forest Park.  Saturday, Oct. 14, a tour of the high school in the morning and party in the evening at Doc Ryan's, also in Forest Park.  For more information, see their facebook group HERE.

1987 - A 30-year reunion over Homecoming weekend, OCT 13 - 14 is in the planning stages and your feedback is needed.   Join the discussion underway on the class facebook page HERE or contact the planning committee via e-mail to: .  Cindy Corti Thompson, Justin N. Koehler, Sherry Davis, Tammi Fedko and Donovan Pepper are heading up the committee -- please volunteer to help!

1992 - A 25th year reunion over Homecoming weekend included a party at Healy's in Forest Park on Saturday, OCTOBER 14, Get the latest information on the website: and check here -  for more class news.  Contact the committee by e-mail to

1997 - The 20th year reunion took place over Homecoming weekend, Friday/Saturday - OCT 13 - 14.   Check the facebook event LINK or join the class Facebook group to see what's happening - 

2007 - The ten-year reunion for the Class of '08 was held Friday, DECEMBER 29 at The Tunnel, 151 W. Kinzie, Chicago.  Check the class facebook page for information.