Illinois Youth Survey

Illinois Youth Survey 

2018 Illinois Youth Survey Administration

OPRFHS is working with the Center for Prevention Research and Development at the University of Illinois to conduct a survey of sophomore and senior students. The purpose of the Illinois Youth Survey is to better understand Illinois youth risk and protective behaviors as they related to student problems and academic success.

We will administer the survey on TBD, to all seniors and sophomores.

This questionnaire asks about:

  • personal use of alcohol and other drugs, perception of risks, where accessed, consequences of use, approval or disapproval of use
  • students' feelings about their school experience
  • family and personal characteristics
  • family communication about substance use
  • feeling about self and moods
  • student health behaviors – food intake, exercise, height and weight

More information about the survey is available at this link:

If you do not want your child to participate in the survey, Click here for electronic opt-out form. Submit the form no later than Wednesday, May 2.

Questions can be directed to Krystle Jones, Coordinator of Assessment and Research:; 708.434.3373

Illinois Youth Survey Results