Tardy Procedures

Tardy Procedures

The Hero Tardy System will be used by Safety and Support Team members (Security Staff) to issue tardy consequences to students.  Safety and Support Team members will be standing in designated locations every period.  When the tardy bell rings, teachers will close their doors. Tardy students will need to present their ID to the nearest Safety and Support Team member to be scanned using the Hero device.  They will then be given a tardy pass which will have the appropriate consequence in accordance with the procedures listed below.  Teachers will not allow tardy students to enter class if they do not show their tardy pass.

1– 4








printed warning

1 hour detention

Saturday detention

1 hour detention

1/2 day In-School Suspension

1 hour detention

1 day In-School Suspension

Dean of Students Referral.

Consequences may include but are not limited to: restricted lunch, social   probation, parent conference, ISS.

The above tardy count refers to the overall number of tardies to all classes.  A tardy for more than 10 minutes will be considered an unexcused absence.  A student who has accumulated 12 tardies in an individual class, excused or unexcused, may be dropped or receive no credit for that class.

Students must serve their Hero detentions by the end of the next school day.  Detentions can be served before school, after school, and during all lunch periods.  Students should speak to their Dean of Students to make a different arrangement if they cannot serve their detention by the next school day.

District 200 encourages parents/guardians to schedule all necessary student appointments during times outside of the school day.  We recognize, however, that this is sometimes difficult to avoid.  They would only receive a warning from the Hero system.  Even if students are late due to a legitimate appointment, they are still considered tardy and will have to get their warning slip from the Hero system.  Call-ins to excuse a tardy for a student who has fewer than four (4) tardies will not be accepted by the Attendance Office.  Beyond the 4th tardy, a student may only avoid a consequence by providing proper documentation to excuse the tardy. The documentation must be brought in by the student to the Attendance Office, Room 104, as soon as they arrive to school in order to excuse the tardy they just received.  Acceptable documentation includes notes from doctors, dentists, therapists/counselors, court appearances and obituaries.  Hand-written notes from parents/guardians will not be accepted.  A copy of the documentation will be kept in a file by the Attendance Office staff.