OPRFHS Bookstore

The Bookstore provides all curriculum materials covered by the annual Instructional Materials Fee. We also sell a variety of products, including calculators, Chromebook chargers, PE uniforms, school supplies, and more.

Bookstore Hours:

School Year Hours:

Monday - Friday | 7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Summer Hours:

Monday - Thursday | 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Textbook Returns

All textbooks are due back to the Bookstore in order to avoid a replacement fee. Students are responsible for returning textbooks – they will not be collected from classrooms or lockers, and teachers do not return books on behalf of a student or class. 

First semester books should be returned before Winter Break. Year long and second semester books should be returned before the last day of school. Any books out past due dates posted in Skyward will be assessed a replacement fee. Replacement fees vary. Once the book is returned, that fee will be reversed. 

Please note each textbook has individualized barcodes on the spine. This barcode number must match the one initially checked out to the student’s ID.

Charging to Skyward for Supplies

The Bookstore sells PE shirts, PE shorts, PE combination locks, and Chromebook chargers. Please be aware these items can be charged to a student’s Skyward account if they do not have money with them. These items should be paid for via Family Access or in the Bookstore: 

  • PE Shirt (required for class): $5
  • PE Short (not required): $10
  • PE Lock, New: $6
  • PE Lock, Used: $3
  • Chromebook Charger, New: $30 
  • Chromebook Charger, Used: $15

Annual School Fees

Fees are owed every school year, consisting of the Instructional Materials Fee, Technology Fee, and District Fee. These fees are posted in Skyward preceding the start of the school year. There are several payment options:

  • Pay online: Click here to pay via Skyward Family Access.
  • Pay in person: The Bookstore accepts cash, debit/credit card (VISA, Mastercard, or Discover; $5 minimum), or personal check. Please write the phone number of the signer and the student ID number on the check. The Bookstore does not accept any business checks (including DBA).
  • Fee waiver: Click here and fill out the fee waiver application for 2022-2023 school year. Completed applications should be emailed to Food-Services@oprfhs.org or turned into the office in the North Cafeteria. 
  • Payment plan: To commit to paying fees in installments before the end of the school year, email BusinessOffice@oprfhs.org.

2022-2023 Fee Schedule

  • Instructional Materials Fee: $268
  • Technology Fee: $50
  • District Fees:
    • Freshmen: $27
    • Sophomores: $17 + $250 for Driver’s Ed.*
    • Juniors: $17
    • Seniors: $80

More information here: Annual School Fees FAQ

*If Driver’s Ed is completed anywhere else, please fill out this form so that credit is given and the fee is removed.

CTA/Pace Bus Ventra Cards

The district does not offer bus service, other than for some students in special education. Several PACE buses provide service near OPRFHS, including the 309 (Lake Street), 313 (Lake Street), and 315 (Ridgeland Avenue).

Students can get a discounted Ventra student fare card, which PACE and CTA both accept. You must apply for a Ventra student fare card by mail. 

To access the application and instructions, either login into the Ventra website, see the links below, or visit the Bookstore. The $2 fee for the card is sent to Ventra along with the form. Do not bring completed forms and/or money to the Bookstore. The student card will be mailed to the Bookstore and you will be emailed when it arrives, in approximately two to three weeks. 

Per Ventra: The Student Ventra Card is available to full-time students aged 7-20 years old enrolled in elementary or high school and it entitles the cardholder to reduced fare for trips taken Monday thru Friday between 5:30AM and 8:30PM on CTA and Pace transportation systems. Rides taken outside of these times will automatically be charged the full fare unless the student is under the age of 12 and a parent or guardian has taken the action to qualify for the Student/Child fare.

Note: You must renew Ventra cards for each summer term, and again each fall of the new school year. Be sure to register your student’s card on the Ventra website. If your card is lost or stolen, you will need to use the replacement form and call Ventra with the card’s number to deactivate the lost or stolen card.

Links to Ventra Forms:

Paying for Other Skyward Charges

All charges posted to Skyward can be paid in the Bookstore, though paying online via Family Access is encouraged. Other fees may include sports participation (pay-to-play), replacement IDs/lanyards, or Chromebook damages. 

Booster Club Merchandise

The Bookstore does not sell Huskie merchandise. All orders are placed online through the Booster Club website or through Personalization House.  Please note different items are available on each website.Items from Personalization House can be customized. Orders placed on www.shophuskieboosterclub.org will be delivered to the Bookstore for pick up.  Orders placed on www.huskiestore.com can be delivered to your home or picked up at Personalization House in Oak Park.   You will be emailed when your order is ready for pickup.  Please contact the Booster Club or Personalization House directly for any questions..

Lost & Found

The Bookstore serves as the lost and found for books and backpacks only

If clothing, electronics, or other items are lost, students should check with the Welcome Center and/or a security team member. 

Teachers Only

Book Request Form

Please use the form linked above to request any textbooks or novels when you are ready for them to be used with your classes. If time permits, the books will be delivered. Otherwise you will be asked to pick them up from the Bookstore. Please click here for more information.

Contact the Bookstore